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Serious Warning! 


International warning about Mr Thomas Gräber, 57 years old, he is a serious sex offender and an insurance fraud criminalhe is living in a small town in the South of Germany called Rehlingen-Siersburg near Saarlouis, Saarland, together with his accomplice Ms Sabrina Wagner and Wagner´s daughter.



















Dangerous Alexander Sandvoss and his accomplice Thomas Gräber                                               Thomas Gräber                                                                                                                        


Thomas Gräber is known for sexually abusing numerous women over the years from an early age on, jumping constantly from one woman to the next, getting them at some point pregnant and then abandoning and ignoring them in the middle of severe emotional stress situations with very young children only to move on to his next female victims to start the same crime over and over again. 

Gräber works for the dubious Telis Finanz Group and even at his job several women complained now about constant sexual harassment and also severe insurance fraud. Gräber is a dangerous manipulating narcissist who asks his victims about their sexual preferences only to abuse and to control them afterwards only for his own sex drive needs to only abandon these women again and again. He sells also constantly dubious insurances that the clients don't need at all only to enrich his own pockets with fraudulent commission money.

Gräber teamed up with criminal Alexander Sandvoss from Mandoga Media, a dubious immigrant from Iran, trying to persecute honest investigative journalists who uncovered his ongoing crimes: 

Alexander Sandvoss and Evelyn Kilb's'case read here: 



Sandvoss is a dangerous snitch of Mafiosi Monaco and has numerous police cases against him.

Numerous victims reported Thomas Gräber to the authorities, to the police and the crown prosecutor:

All published documents are censored to protect the victims.










































One of several victims confirms the Insurance Fraud committed by Thomas Gräber,

various documents are submitted to the local police and prosecutor now.


























(All names are censored for the protection of all witnesses)

Thomas Gräber threatens and heavily insults constantly the mother of his first two children (twins),

a son and a daughter, only the son is still alive today, Gräber made even fun of his own daughter´s death,

and he makes fun about the victim´s serious Monaco abuse cases which could endanger the mother´s life since he also seems to fuse with other criminals, also Gräber makes fun of the US Air Force and former CIA members who contribute to this important Monaco Media site who protected already many victims from dangerous Mafia figures to save their lives, also he makes fun of the importance of the victim´s family, her father and mother are well known figures, also Gräber harassed the victim's renowned 94 year old father by phone with serious defamation statements, and much more,...

various documents are now with the local police and the crown prosecutor,

the severely threatened and insulted mother ordered now an order of protection against Gräber

to protect her old father, her son and his family, and herself.














Also, not only other women had to bring him to court because he refused to pay child support but also he promises fake relationships all the time while he has always several affairs at the same time with the only goal to disperse his DNA as much as possible. 


Today he has 5 biological living children from three different women, 6 in total, he only knows four of them, he has several failed narcissist-style manipulated marriages behind him, when one of the women brought him to court for child support this man did everything to destroy her court battle against him, she had almost no money left then to support her two young girls.


One of the women that Gräber inseminated was abandoned by Gräber when she was in emotional distress after her father died, Gräber left her behind with her two very young boys, and since he always had several affairs at the same time he moved on fast with another woman in a time when the mother of his two boys needed support the most. He only stayed for his advantage and when things became a bit difficult after inseminating numerous women he disappeared and became extremely threatening, pejorative and rude to these women and then cut them off and ignored them and refused to pay for his children. It is typical for a narcissist like Gräber to put his victims down after abusing them to pretend the fault is on them to put himself on an invented non existing pedestal for his own inflated ego.


Gräber offered just recently his not expensive apartment that he rents out in 66780 Rehlingen-Siersburg Hauptstrasse 82, to one of the women with whom he was sexually involved at a very young age also pretending a relationship with her back then by only sexually using her while having numerous other hidden affairs at the same time. The woman got pregnant with his child at a very young age and had to raise the child on her own because also there Gräber went on to the next and the next woman not caring at all which damage he caused all the time. 

The woman tried for decades to get access to him to inform him about their love child who has also children now on his own but Gräber was too busy with numerous other women and numerous other child births. Being in touch with him finally after decades she recognized fast that something was terribly wrong with that man. Gräber showed absolutely no empathy and the woman recognized fast that he was very self-centered and that all his actions all the time were only to enrich himself.

Also, he works for the dubious organization Telis Finanz Group and according to his own words as a completely uneducated person in the financial field he tries to sell nevertheless as many insurances

as possible only to get as many commissions as possible, again only to enrich himself. 


While Gräber offered his apartment in Siersburg to that woman recently, him still not knowing anything about their love child, he started to interrogate her intensively about her entire sex life and her sexual preferences and he tried to get a large insight into her bank account, he knows that this woman comes from a well known and very wealthy family. The woman smelled the mistress plan, she also refused to show off her extreme wealth and she then declined the dubious offer. 

When she decided to take a flight out to introduce him to their love child, now a grown up adult, that Gräber never got to know, upon arrival nobody was at the airport to pick them up, phone calls and text messages were all of a sudden ignored by Gräber, and after a few days of severe ghosting the mother was then severely insulted by Gräber and then cut off.


Because Gräber as a convicted criminal narcissist lost control over his plan he started then to mistreat the woman badly and started then to ignore her. Before he even tried to downgrade her and to order her around to bar her from talking about the past. After all this insulting behavior the mother decided then not to reveal to him his biological child and his grandchildren that he never met.


Gräber is a dangerous narcissistic manipulating control and sex freak, and he constantly abuses women, he even stole women away from his own brother for his own sexual and inflated ego needs and he seems to get away with it all. He is the favorite of his mother Traudel Gräber who supports all his crimes against women, and his father used to be a police officer, who knows which other skeletons this dangerous man has in his closet.


Monaco Media interrogated several of his sexual assault victims, also betrayed Telis clients, we saw all court papers and we decided now to put an international warning out to protect further potential victims from this criminal who has absolutely no morals and no empathy for women, for people in general.  

A narcissist is a person who has an excessive interest of admiration of him/herself.

The more women the more children, the more love and admiration he gets for himself, Gräber believes,

by constantly destroying innocent vulnerable lives on the way.


Narcissistic personality disorder, one of several types of personality disorders, is a mental condition

in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention

and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. 

But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that is vulnerable to the slightest criticism.


Thomas Gräber has a severely pronounced narcissistic personality disorder he literally climbs over dead bodies only to satisfy his own sexual and financial needs. He is a dangerous repetitive sex offender!


Thomas Gräber

Espenstrasse 10

66780 Rehlingen-Siersburg

born December 3rd, 1965, Saarbruecken, Germany

Works for the dubious Telis Finanz Group, Brückenstrasse 5, 66740 Saarlouis

Cell: +49-157-85106522

Tel: +49-6831 768780

(Note: Gräber's personal info was put online publicly by himself on several sites for everybody to see) 

>>>> KEEP AWAY from Telis Finanz, worldwide, uneducated consultants steal your money: <<<<

They only want their numerous commissions and will sell you very risky and unnecessary insurances!

Several Testimonies:

          Another victim of the dubious Telis Finanz Group with its corrupt lawyer reports:           


























The victim's lawsuit against Telis Finanz     The defense plea of Telis' corrupt lawyer          Litigation Fraud committed by Telis' 

                     (First page)                                   Ekkehart-Heberlein, Munich (First page)             corrupt and dubious lawyer, letter

                                                                                                                            by the victim's lawyer (First page)




     Thomas Graeber's accomplice Sabrina Wagner:            

  Sabrina Wagner constantly insults the members of Monaco Media 

because of the forthright coverage about the ongoing crimes of Thomas Graeber.

All documents and recordings of proof from the victims are 100% researched.

Wagner works for the company 'Courtehoute' in Rehlingen-Siersburg, Saarland, Germany.



















     Graeber's accomplice Sabrina Wagner                    Graeber's mother and accomplice Traudel Graeber



























Report this criminal!






International Warning!

Be aware of Monaco!

Monaco is a dangerous dictatorship and truth tellers who report about Monaco's severe police violence

and severe government and justice system corruption are severely persecuted, illegally arrested,

and/or murdered. Please follow all testimonies on

The dangerous spyware Pegasus:

The renowned French media group 'Mediapart' was spied on by Morocco with the help of the dangerous Israeli spyware 'Pegasus'. 'Pegasus' can be covertly installed on your mobile phone with a simple whatsapp call that you don't even have to answer or by clicking on a link sent to you. Pegasus can spy on all your data: phone calls, sms, e-mails, photos, access data for apps, your bank account data, your social contacts, it can track your location and can access your microphone and camera, it can access even encrypted messages and encrypted phone calls etc.


This is a severe violation of data protection and is against the right for the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press to bring truth to power. Many journalists around the world have been severely persecuted, defamed, arrested and killed as a result.


Monaco uses several spyware tools to constantly intimidate, arrest and destroy honest journalists so that the truth of Monaco's constant police brutality and severe government and justice corruption should not come to light. Prince Albert created a special police force to persecute truth tellers and journalists to prevent all honest reporting about Monaco's constant and severe crimes. You can find several testimonies on our site.


Monaco Media has been contacted several times by Mediapart, and together with many other media outlets around the world we will continue the fight against these dangerous and corrupt dictatorships worldwide, like Monaco. Monaco is a dangerous oligarchy.



Pegasus Project (2hrs):




Former spy of Prince Albert, Robert Eringer, reports about the ongoing severe corruption

and ongoing persecution in Monaco:






International Warning!


Serious Corona issues and serious harassment problems against women

in the Generator Hostel, in Berlin, Mitte, Germany:

Serious abuse by Generator director Anna Kane, USA, against innocent female abuse victims:


American Anna Kane, director Generator Berlin Mitte

Several German female clients were seriously abused several times by foreign men of arabic decent in the Generator Hostel in Berlin Mitte, the women, all separate by themselves and alone, having to face several attackers at once, the abusers wore no masks, kept no distances, surrounded each time each victim in a group, went millimeter close, they started to spit on the victims so that they get Corona, they started to insult the victims, calling them degrading names and made fun of them, and then started to sexually abuse them touching the female victims on their private parts.

Of course the women had to defend themselves to get a safe distance between their bodies and the bodies of their attackers and they managed to flee the location after a while to escape the abuse while some attackers followed them.

Because the innocent victims had to defend themselves the American director of the hostel Anna Kane threw the women then out, cancelled their access cards to their rooms although they were the victims and not the abusers, and although they lived there long term after not being able to find an apartment in Berlin, although the victims paid fully their rent and their deposit,

and although the victims only defended their health and their bodies. The victims had expensive single rooms and expensive apartments in the hostel. The director Anna Kane put these innocent women during a hardcore lockdown on the streets while most hotels and hostels were closed or only took business travelers in. When the victims wanted to take all their belongings out this director Kane together with her Australian receptionist Michael Besch and team incited each time the German police against the innocent victims and although the women had tenancy rights. The access to their rooms were declined and after they complained they were only given 10 minutes to take some belongings out.

To clear out a full equipped apartment that one of the women had takes hours. Since they were threatened each time

with the police because of the Generator's domiciliary rights while they had tenancy and victim rights and the access to their belongings were denied, they had to get a serious court order at some point against Kane and her team,

that Kane incited against the victims each time, to gain access to all their remaining valuables. 

Because these innocent women were put on the cold rainy streets during a hardcore lockdown, each one separate was alone on the streets and didn't know where to sleep. Therefore all their expensive valuables got stolen, their computers, cameras, expensive accessories, all their agendas with their private data etc.

Also there the police did nothing. 

Also, this Anna Kane manipulated the Jobcenter in Berlin not to pay part of these innocent women's rent anymore

on which the women depended during Corona times when almost nobody has a job anymore.

Furthermore this Anna Kane, after preventing the women from taking their belongings out for weeks, she stole all their rent

and deposit money although the women were not allowed to live there anymore and were denied access. 

Anna Kane falsely claims now that these women never wanted to take their belongings out and then stole

the last money of the jobless victims and Kane severely threatens the victims since.

Also the day after the women (all separate) got finally their court order to finally access their belongings,

they got only a short period of time ordered by Kane to take everything out, a fully equipped apartment would take hours usually, the victims had to rush and throw everything fast in bags to save all their personal items and during all this time

this Kane was threatening the victims all the time with the police, while the whole thing at the end is a civil matter. 

It is obvious that this Anna Kane has a serious and dangerous psychological power abuse problem.

And not only Kane destroyed the jobless victims´ existence, but also she put these women's health and lives

in serious danger during a complete lockdown.

The women did not know where to sleep and had to wander the streets moneyless and homeless. 

Several lawsuits are filed now against this ice cold aggressive Anna Kane and her aggressive team.

Also similar problems with foreigners were reported out of the Generator Hostel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

The headquarter of the Generator Hostel chain in London was informed by the victims, and after they asked London for help

to get their money back, they got only empty promises from London, and then they got all of a sudden

a threatening letter from Kane`s lawyer who only repeats Kane`s impertinent lies.

Also the current owners of the Generator chain were informed by the victims, the `Queensgate Investments`

with founder and CEO Jason Kow, and director Alexander Gibbs, also there no reply whatsoever.

Note from the editor:

Immigrants of arabic decent have become a serious issue in Germany, especially around Hermannplatz and Sonnenallee in Berlin Neukoelln where they established all over their dangerous Mafia; drug dealing, money laundering and prostitution. 

The abuse of this culture against German citizens and others is out of control at this point and since this culture, that constantly disregards the German laws and regulations and that has obviously no respect for our European women,

is in majority in certain areas, Germany has let in way too many, the German police are as good as powerless against these criminals. And we never generalize, there are always nice people in each culture. But the ongoing abuse crimes of this culture in Germany is out of control at this point, especially in the melting pot Berlin.

We ask Anonymous International to act on this issue of the

abusive American director Anna Kane and her Generator team, putting the innocent victims

in high danger and not acting on the abuse, and then even stealing their money,

plus the matter that the London headquarters and owners are not reacting on it.

Current Owners of the Generator Chain: 

Queensgate Founder and CEO Jason Kow, director Alexander Gibbs

London Headquarters:

Generator Berlin Mitte: Anna Kane and receptionist Michael Besch: 


Anna Kane: 




PEGASUS in Germany:

The German BND (German Federal Intelligence Service) and the BKA (German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation) also use the dangerous Israeli spy tool PEGASUS with the knowledge of the Kanzleramt (German Chancellery)!



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