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The brutal murder of my French Bulldog Baby ‘Skye’, and the persecution of truthful journalists


My name is v. York, I am a press photographer and an investigative journalist.

Since February 2017, and it started already in 2016, I am constantly and severely harassed by Monaco because I spoke the truth about Monaco’s severe police brutality and Monaco’s severe government and justice system corruption of which I am a severe victim.


I was several times severely physically and verbally attacked by the police of Monaco, I was arbitrarily arrested several times, I was thrown out of places where I had the right to be, all my press accreditations were suddenly destroyed by Monaco with silly pretexts and lies, I discovered all of a sudden defamatory 

E-mails and text messages against me everywhere from people I hardly knew or didn’t know at all, I even discovered a defaming press article against me, all my connections and all my jobs were intentionally destroyed - in Monaco, in France, and even abroad. My phones and internet were wiretapped, I was followed and supervised, I was harassed, humiliated, and I was severely bullied and threatened.

I counted over 250 severe incidents against me in about three years, and no justice because Monaco’s justice system is completely corrupt.

On November 16th, 2018 I was brutally kidnapped out of my apartment in France not far from Monaco, by the order of a certain Dominique of the CCAS of Roquebrune Cap Martin (a local social service) that

I never met before in my life, she somehow managed to influence the prefect to issue an order for my arbitrary arrest without even knowing me and without having any medical or any legal documents of mine. Dominique falsely claimed that I was suicidal and that I wanted to jump out of a window. It was all a horrendous fake set up. I am not suicidal at all and I never stated that I would jump out of some window.

I was only calling the CCAS three times before because I was running out of finances because Monaco destroyed intentionally all my work and because France declined illegally my welfare. 

That day again I was severely aggressed and handcuffed, this time by the police of Menton, when I did nothing wrong and when I was only hanging out quietly at home with my dog. I was locked up in solitary confinement 24/7 for two long weeks, I was brutally attached to a bed 24/7 for two long weeks, I was supervised 24/7 and tortured aggressively with dangerous drug injections that made me very sick, so sick that it became life threatening, and I was then severely starved for two weeks because my inner system

was collapsing from these dangerous drugs, my body became then really weak. When I was rescued I could hardly walk, that's how weak I was.

My shoulders are severely dislocated now because of the handcuffs and the 24/7 bed restraint after they got severely injured already by Monaco’s police before. The plan of these criminals was to keep me locked up for up to 6 long months, the order of the prefect stated, when I had done nothing wrong.


My very healthy french bulldog 'Skye', a sensitive breed, was taken from me and was put in this horrible animal shelter Falicon, 6950 Route du Mont Chauve, in 06950 Falicon, Nice, to her certain death. This shelter takes in any breed just to make money regardless of any losses. The impertinent director of the shelter Cindy Giordana left ‘Skye’ day and night abandoned in a cold cage surrounded by frightening huge barking dogs. ‘Skye’ froze brutally to death and she died also of fear and of a big heartache. 

It was a brutal murder!


I was not allowed to make any phone calls to find out where my dog was to save her, I asked several times every day because I feared the worst, and nobody ever answered me where I can find her.


On November 30th I was finally freed, but it was too late for my precious dog.


When I tried to get my dog’s body, my property, from the shelter, the director Cindy Giordana aggressed me severely verbally, she forbid me to see my dog’s body and the cage where she apparently died. 

I had to call the police to finally see the body of my dog (they refused to come to the shelter), and I saw then that the body was mutilated, the left front elbow was in a very weird unnatural angle, frozen blood was coming out of her mouth, and slits were everywhere on her back from angular objects. Also Giordana and her assistants Aurelie and Allison changed several times the date of my dog’s death and changed several times the story how and by whom my dog was dropped off/picked up. She claimed also my dog was with the municipal police of Menton, the mayor declined that.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation tried to act as a mediator and confirmed that I can pick up my dog from the shelter with a car, all confirmed with Giordana, but Giordana always changed her mind last minute,

it cost me two expensive cabs and a lot of energy, because the shelter is far up in the mountains, and this Giordana constantly invented something new not to give me my property.

Every single time I went up there Giordana aggressed me severely verbally, she then instigated her boyfriend against me that I never met before, and then threatened me several times with the police when

I only wanted to pick up my dog’s body. It was heartbreaking. 

And after two unsuccessful attempts to get my property back, Giordana, without my permission, dropped Skye’s body off in a laboratory very far away from my home. Of course she didn't inform me about that and I only found out later by coincidence where my dog was. And I don‘t have a car and it took me five hours round trip to get there a few days later. It was an impertinence.

I thought her evil game with me would stop there, but no, she continued to play her games by influencing the DDPP employees (the local sanitary department) and the LVD laboratory employees against me that

I never met in my life, they became impertinent with me as well, and forbid me to take my property.

My poor dog was lying in a freezer for months and months.

I never got my expensive leather leash back from Giordana either, she also played her evil games there, she also instigated weird phone calls against me, and her assistant Aurelia Filippini started to defame me all over the internet and started to make fun of the brutal death of my dog.

These people are just low class disgusting.

I recorded all verbal assaults and all wrongdoing by Giordana and her boyfriend and I saved all internet defamation by her assistant Aurelia Filippini. I have proof for everything.

Not only I suffered from the brutal death of my dog and my two week horrendous torture, that traumatised me severely, I also had to put up with low class impertinent aggressive trash people.


After this ongoing abuse I wrote to the director of the CCAS in Roquebrune Cap Martin, to the prefect,

the mayors of Roquebrune, of Menton, of Beausoleil, I heard that the latter had some influence in this serious abuse too, to the mayor of Nice and other authorities, and nobody helped me or is taking any responsibility for this horrendous abuse case against me, nobody. Not even the mayor of Roquebrune where the CCAS is located.

I went to the police in Nice to file a complaint, they rejected my request. Then since the police of Beausoleil and Roquebrune are useless, Roquebrune even claims they are Monaco, I had to go the aggressive police of Menton, but as soon as they saw me they said that they have no time for me, and

when I showed them the pictures of the dead body of my brutally murdered dog they threw me out of

the commissariat. And THEY were the ones who put my dog to her certain death.


A few days later the police of Menton called me to tell me that the police of Monaco was looking for me, another evil game. Monaco has my phone number and my mailbox address where they can send letters

to if they want something from me. Another evil game from Monaco to influence France against me as well. I did not respond to that request and I sent a letter to Monaco’s police to stop! their ongoing unbearable harassment, I had no more energy left.

I sent then my complaint to the attorney general in Nice, and since I never got an answer from him from any complaints of mine in five! long years, I need a lawyer to push the complaint through. 

But who will pay for the lawyer after Monaco intentionally destroyed all my work, if the legal aid department doesn’t help!?

Also the bills are piling up since, I have no more salary and I have no welfare: 

Two autopsies, two expensive taxis for Nice, another additional longer transport to the second autopsy location, trains, buses, trams, hospital bills, the cremation etc etc, it comes up to one thousand Euros already, without considering any lawyer bills yet, and this impertinent Dominique from the CCAS of Roquebrune Cap Martin renounces herself since.

None of my letters to the CCAS were ever answered, and when I passed by once to meet that evil woman who destroyed my life and the life of my precious dog, she pretended this Dominique was on vacation when she spoke to me herself. When I smelled some weird game, I started to show her the pictures of my dead dog and then she finally admitted that SHE is Dominique and when I told her what ordeal I had

to go through because of her, she only showed me her cold shoulders telling me that she doesn’t care.

These people here on the Cote d’Azur are just a low class disaster!

First they destroy your whole life and then they leave you by yourself with the unbearable horror they created for you!

And Monaco and France keep together as usual to cover up their evil crimes against innocent people.

I was severely traumatised, I had heavy nightmares and I was suffering severely from the brutal murder

of my precious child. I was all alone with this for months, and no help. And no involved party in this

cruel execution ever took its responsibility.


It is a scandalous DISGRACE !

I moved to the Cote d'Azur to escape from the big stressful cities, to live finally in peace and to be able to live with my precious dog 24/7, and Monaco and France destroyed intentionally my whole life now,

and made my life like hell!

Please watch:

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