Monaco's criminal family Lavotha: Celine Lafuente de Lavotha (a pseudo writer for the online site Monaco Reporter) and husband Zsolt Lavotha: Celine Lafuente de Lavotha falsely denounced a renowned female journalist in Monaco as a potential threat to Prince Albert out of pure evilness! 

Lavotha always gave the journalist very negative energy before, the journalist hardly knew Lavotha and never did anything to her! Lavotha had the innocent journalist arbitrarily arrested in June 2017 in front of hundreds! of people, the journalist was physically and mentally severely attacked by the violent police of Monaco, she was arbitrarily locked up for hours and severely insulted, bullied, mistreated, humiliated, and deported from Monaco, and all jobs of the truthful journalist and her reputation were destroyed intentionally immediately afterwards! Instead of apologizing to the journalist, Lavotha and her girl friend attacked the journalist physically even afterwards, and when the journalist called Lavotha's husband Zsolt Lavotha to know why his wife is doing all these evil unfair actions against her, Zsolt Lavotha only screamed in the phone, confirmed that he doesn't care at all, and then he hung up the phone on the destroyed woman who lost her whole existence and her home afterwards because of his wife's evil actions! Today, the journalist has nothing left anymore in her life! Charges were pressed against Lavotha several times, but Monaco's corrupt police and corrupt justice system covered up her crime since the Lavothas live in Monaco for over ten years now and know everybody! The Prince was immediately informed about this severe abuse, but he doesn't care about it at all, the Lavothas continue to be invited to events in Monaco! Also here, shame on you Albert!  A life was intentionally destroyed!

We demand justice against this evil act against humanity!

Charges were pressed against Celine Lafuente de Lavotha, but vicious police commander Alain Klaric

(a corrupt Freemason) refused to work on the charges and then influenced corrupt former director of justice Philippe Narmino to dismiss the charges with impertinent lies, claiming that this serious abuse never happened! Because of this evil act the journalist became an ongoing target of a cascade of severe harassment incidents, her reputation was completely destroyed, and because she has no more work now because of this serious ongoing abuse, she lost then her apartment, and then her dog got murdered!

The justice system in Monaco is completely corrupt, but the Prince also denies that, Narmino is a childhood friend of Albert! Shame on you, Albert! We have thousands of documents of proof and this serious ongoing abuse needs to stop! We demand justice!