Severe Police Violence in Monaco

Renowned investigative journalist Anett-Patrice van York was seriously attacked by Monaco's police on February 10th, 2017. The names of the police attackers are Regis Alexandre and Nicolas Silov. Van York had over 40 injuries on her body, a serious concussion for months, a severe injured back and injured knees, her hands and legs are still numb today, her shoulders were dislocated, and one tooth died because of the brutal impact! Her body is still severely injured today, maybe for life! Van York pressed charges but police director Klaric made everything possible to cover up his colleagues crimes. And police officer Christophe David and his colleagues had fun bullying and mocking van York constantly. The witness list is blocked since, by Bradley Mitton from the Vivanova Club, the police claims none of the numerous cameras in the Grimaldi Forum were working (lies!), former attorney general Jacques Doremieux played the corrupt game together with Klaric, and former director of justice Philippe Narmino, who had to abdicate because of serious corruption, Narmino declared one week before his abdication that the serious attack against van York never happened, and that the following arbitrary arrests against her never happened either. Since van York spoke publicly about the serious Monaco police abuse against her, she was all of a sudden constantly arrested arbitrarily in Monaco, severely harassed, bullied, wire-tapped, supervised, followed, like an enemy of state, and all her press accreditations and connections were intentionally destroyed by Monaco! No lawyer was ever given to van York that properly took on her case, all Monaco lawyers are bought by the system! On November 16th, 2018, after previous 150 incidents against van York initiated by corrupt Monaco, she was again arbitrarily arrested when she was only hanging out quietly with her dog at home, she was locked up in a solitary confinement, she was aggressively drugged up for two weeks, strapped onto a bed, and her dog was brutally murdered! Van York is severely traumatised by this ongoing severe abuse! (Please watch also the video in Home/News: Prince Albert's gruesome dictatorship!)


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Bradley Mitton of the Vivanova Club (picture) blocks the witness list of Monaco's severe assault crime against van York since February 2017 with the support of Monaco's corrupt government and Monaco's corrupt justice system! And Prince Albert still supports and tolerates Mitton and his club in Monaco! Severe corruption!

To support violent crimes against innocent women is just evil! Shame on you, Albert! 

Bradley Mitton blocks the witness list of this Vivanova event (see below) from February 10th, 2017 at the restaurant Bouchon across the street from the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco! After this wine tasting a few Vivanova members and guests went to Zelos in the Grimaldi Forum, that's where the serious police assault against Mrs van York happened! If you were a witness to this severe assault please contact us! Your name can stay anonymous! Mrs van York had over 40 injuries on her body, she is still injured today, and her body is marked for life! And Monaco tries everything to cover up their crimes!