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Prince Albert destroys truthful journalists: Abuse List #2

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

A renowned journalist is constantly harassed in Monaco since she spoke the truth about Monaco's police violence and Monaco's severe government and justice system corruption.

She was severely physically attacked by Monaco's police, constantly arbitrarily arrested, she was severely insulted, bullied, defamed, all her jobs were intentionally destroyed, her phones and internet were wire-tapped and her dog was murdered.

Monaco is a very dangerous oligarchy!

Freedom of speech is suppressed and truth tellers get brutally destroyed.

And the abuse list against the journalist goes on:

Delia Grace Noble: destroyed intentionally v Y's accreditation for the Venetian Ball

Press Center Monaco: took v Y off their press list and defaming e-mails were sent around against v Y everywhere All press responsibles denied an appointment with v Y

SBM: took v Y off their press list

Monaco Tourist Office: took v Y off their info list

Club CREM: denied v Y entry

Just-Unlimited: took v Y off their press list

Stelios: took v Y off their press list

Monaco's Garden Club: denied v Y entry

ASW: took v Y off their events list

Anna Livia Bacila ( defamed v Y badly as a victim after v Y got severely beaten up by Monaco's police

Max Wiedemann (artist, Eklektik Gallery Monaco) defamed v Y badly and scammed v Y out of her deserved pay

Patrick Gauthey, photographer, Cagnes sur Mer: raped v Y, Gauthey is a serial rapist, several women came forward, Gauthey defames all victims since

Christophe Brugiere, former director of Zelos, responsible for the severe police assault against v Y, gave a defaming testimony against v Y

Oceano Museum: took Mrs v Y off their events list despite v Y's membership

Monaco Press Club: took Mrs v Y off the events list

Amber Lounge: took v Y off the press list after their former employee Julia Burg severely defamed v Y, Olga Barrale, successor of Burg, continues to harass v Y now

'Monaco Life' threatened v Y because v Y repeated a true statement by Monaco Life online

Monaco Matin was caught several times to defame innocent victims with discrediting articles, signed by Jean-Marie Fiorucci

All press in Monaco is bought by the system, there is no free press

Christophe David, police officer and colleagues bullied v Y badly several times just to humiliate and to harass v Y

July 27th, 2018: J.-F. Mariotte, SBM, threatened v Y because she spoke the TRUTH about SBM's employee Julia Burg's severe defamation against v Y

August 6th, 2018: v Y's entry was blocked from an event in the Hotel Hermitage

(In 2017 v Y was arbitrarily arrested in there)

Sept.16th, 2018: Didier Rubiolo, Starsn Bars, tells v Y to leave Monaco if she doesn t like how she is treated! Kate Powers co-founder repeated this several times before too

Sept 20th, 2018: Press Palace Monaco: v Y's accreditation for the Ocean Gala was blocked by Barbara Lorenzi and Nicolas Saussier. Lorenzi harassed v Y several times in 2017 in the Oceano Museum

Sept. 22nd, 2018: Kristi Penn continues to defame v Y online

Sept.25th, 2018: Dr Delpont Hospital Pasteur, Nice, gets finally arrested after he messed up

v Y's physical tests

Sept.26th, 2018: Yacht Club of Monaco destroys v Y's accreditation for the 'Voiles de Saint Tropez 2018'.

Sept.27th, 2018: Jean-Michel Tourneux, police Beausoleil, refuses again! to take v Y's police reports and insults her! In Roquebrune the same, they pretend they are Monaco

Sept.27th, 2018: v Y was followed in Monaco's yacht club to make sure she'll leave the building

Sept.27th, 2018: v Y was supervised at a yacht event and was blocked from taking pictures! Orders by Philippe Rebaudengo

Sept 27th, Oct.2nd, 2018: Pascal Poire, Marylin Lord, and Elisabeth Grava, all party crashers, aggress v Y verbally again and influence others against her!

And Karin Dolfen influences an old client of

v Y against her with serious defamation! v Y loses her work with the client as a result!

Oct 12th, 2018: Oceano Museum: v Y was intentionally seated in a supervised seat next to a secret agent

Oct 12th: v Y was aggressed and threatened AGAIN by Russian Angelina Mange during the Polo Cup! Mange physically aggressed v Y in 2016 and harasses her since

Oct, 18th, 2018: Maria Bologna

(APM Monaco) destroys AGAIN an accreditation of v Y and Bologna influences Frederique Soler Communication and Chris Dhont from CREM against v Y!

Nov 16th, 2018: v Y gets arbitrarily arrested again, kidnapped out of her home, locked up for two weeks, tortured with dangerous drugs, and her dog was brutally murdered!

Dec 3rd: Dino Bentley and Rosana Golden destroy v Y’s accreditation for the Angel Film Awards

Dec 12th: v Y gets harassed again by Barbara Lorenzi, press palace Monaco, at a public Christmas event at the Hotel de Paris

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