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The severe corruption of the people in power in Monaco:

Dossiers du Rocher:









































Prince Albert and Jeffrey Epstein:


Ghislaine Maxwell’s conviction of sex trafficking minors: Guilty of 5 counts out of 6


Ghislaine Maxwell was not acting alone



Princess Charlene: 

Princess Charlene was FORCED by Prince Albert into an asylum in Switzerland, no visitors allowed, and Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are not a couple anymore for the longest time

they only have special arrangements for special events:




Be Aware: Monaco severely persecutes truth telling journalists and whistleblowers:

Mediapart: The dangerous spyware Pegasus:

Monaco uses it against truth tellers and honest journalists who report about Monaco's

severe ongoing police brutality and Monaco's severe government and justice system corruption.

Mediapart reports about recent attacks from Morocco, Monaco Media is especially affected by Monaco. Monaco is a very dangerous oligarchy.

Important Testimony: Case Anett-Patrice van York

Mediapart: Monaco's constant persecution of journalists

Case Jonathan Taylor:

Several Testimonies:



Honest Coroner Edouard Levrault accuses Monaco in 'Pieces a Conviction', France 3, June 10th, 2020


1) After Prince Albert of Monaco stole hundreds of millions of Euros from the Red Cross account via

the Barclays Bank with a huge cash withdrawal, the honest coroner Edouard Levrault tried to interrogate him, Albert then issued all of a sudden a new law making him and his entourage immune. 

Levrault was fired afterwards.


Edouard Levrault’s 105 questions for Prince Albert that he refused to answer


2) Honest Coroner Edouard Levrault’s investigations against the highest officials in Monaco,

including Prince Albert


Edouard Levrault’s investigation against corrupt former director of justice Philippe Narmino


3) Edouard Levrault discovers that a vast sum vanished from Monaco's Red Cross account


4) Monaco ordered a fake revolt against the honest Coroner Edouard Levrault who tried to clean up

corrupt Monaco


Edouard Levrault’s investigations against Monaco’s corrupt police






Prince Albert of Monaco: The Corrupt, the Greedy, the Incompetent


Prince Albert let a lot of rich Italians into Monaco to give them shelter when the Corona crisis was already at its peak, without testing them in any way and without putting them in a -for others- necessary life saving quarantine. Prince Albert was infected too, his Prime Minister Serge Telle as well, and many others in Monaco. The Corona infection rate in small Monaco was three times higher than in the big neighboring region Alpes-Maritimes in France. 

Prince Albert met afterwards with Prince Charles in London, on March 10th, 2020, and Prince Charles

was infected too. Prince Albert is the only one known who was infected with the virus who met with Prince Charles around Charles’ infection time. Buckingham Palace was terrified because of the safety

of the 93 year old Queen and her entourage.

Also, Prince Albert stole hundreds of Millions of Euros from the Red Cross, this money could save millions of peoples' lives now during one of the biggest crisis in human history.


Prince Albert's never-ending Greed, Incompetence and Carelessness and Endless Lies

will kill millions of people all over the world now.



Prince Albert allows a lot of rich Italians into Monaco during the peak of the Corona crisis,

then closes the borders creating a dangerous and fatal trap for non infected citizens:

Also, Monaco is swindling its Corona deaths and infected victims through the Covid-19 crisis statistics Infected people from Monaco are constantly sent to Nice and other hospitals nearby in France and Italy where special Corona treatment stations are installed. Almost all Monaco Corona deaths and Corona infections are part of the statistics of France and Italy.


Corona infected Prince Albert lies again:

Prince Albert was with Prince Charles at an event for Water Aid on March 10th in London sitting

right across from Charles at a narrow table after shaking his hands before. 

Prince Albert rejects as usual all blame.






















Prince Charles infected by the Corona virus:


Prince Albert of Monaco infected by the Corona virus:

Albert destroyed intentionally so many innocent peoples’ lives, bad Karma hit him back.


Prince Albert of Monaco stole hundreds of millions of Euros from the account of the Red Cross

and got away with it by rejecting any interrogation by the coroner and by installing and signing a new

law making him immune to persecution.



                                                         OUT NOW

Prince Albert of Monaco installed and controls a special police force in Monaco which severely

persecutes innocent truth tellers all the time who tell the truth about Monaco's severe and ongoing

police violence and its severe ongoing government and justice system corruption.

Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech is severely persecuted, many lives were intentionally

destroyed already by Albert. Prince Albert is best friends with Putin and treats his people accordingly, Monaco is a dangerous dictatorship!


Video Testimony:

Patrice Pastor.png
Real Estate 1.png
PA Charles.jpg


Real Estate: The big corruption - the criminals:

Patrice Pastor, Prince Albert and his lawyer Thierry Lacoste, Didier Linotte,

Laurent Anselmi, Claude Palmero: 






AMBER LOUNGE MONACO intentionally destroys international journalists who speak the truth about Monaco's severe police violence and Monaco's severe government and justice system corruption!
AMBER LOUNGE's staff (Julia Burg, former press director) sent defaming e-mails around all over Monaco to intentionally destroy the journalists' work and reputation and AMBER LOUNGE's new press director Olga Barrale destroys constantly intentionally their press accreditations with pretexts and lies.

At this year's F1 Grand Prix event another journalist was prevented from working and got physically assaulted by Amber Lounge's security by the order of SONIA IRVINE, founder of AL, and her staff.

Several journalists teamed up to record the incident. International authorities and the international press are now informed. This serious abuse is going on now for three years, and of course Monaco's government does nothing about it just to cover up their crimes. 

juge d instruction.jpg




The criminal monegasque couple (former French) Thierry Bauduin and his wife Michele Bauduin

(former Peglion), living at 17 Boulevard Albert 1er, 98000 Monaco

Thierry Bauduin is in charge of the Tabacs de Sainte Devote, quai Albert 1er, 98000 Monaco.


                                                                                 Thierry Bauduin













The criminal couple Thierry Bauduin and his wife Michele rented out their apartment in Roquebrune Cap Martin in the Residence Eden, near Monaco, to the journalist Anett-Patrice van York

who is a severe victim of Monaco's ongoing police violence.

They evicted Mrs van York illegally at 9am in the morning on January 14th, 2020,

She was forced out of her place with at least 15 aggressive police officers, all her belongings were taken from her, and she was put on the dangerous cold streets in the middle of the winter, what is completely against the law. The victim was informed only a week before the upcoming crucial deadline of January 10th, 2020 signed by the corrupt court president in Menton, France, Melanie Cabal together with her corrupt clerk Catherine Tallarida, and signed by this criminal prefect of the Alpes-Maritimes 06, Bernard Gonzalez, Mrs van York pressed charges several times against Cabal for serious ongoing mistreatments, and the predecessor of Gonzalez, Georges-Francois Leclerc, is responsible for the barbaric act against

Mrs van York from November 16th, 2018.

This eviction of Mrs van York in the winter time was completely illegal, it is the law in France that tenants cannot not be put in the streets from the 1st of November until the 31st of March.

Also, the Alpes Maritimes region went through horrific storm at that time and was put on a serious RED ALERT several times because of serious flooding. A lot of people lost their homes, thousands of people had to be evacuated, a few died, a few went missing.

Since Monaco destroyed intentionally all of Mrs van York's work, because she spoke publicly about

Monaco's severe police violence of which she is a severe victim, Mrs van York has no more income

and she has no help from the french government either, all help was declined.

Mrs van York had no money for a hotel, had no friends or family to go in France, the social service 

never ever helped Mrs van York, this was an extremely DANGEROUS situation.

To put innocent women's lives at high risk like this is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!



Mireille Pugliese


Before the illegal eviction:

Early on in the tenancy the journalist and her monegasque friend, who serves as a guarantor, got severely threatened by the Bauduins, and the Bauduins went so far, when the journalist was traveling in September this year, to go illegally into her apartment to change the former lock into a high security 6 bolt lock which locked the door from inside on all three sides so that the journalist couldn't enter her place anymore. When she came back home from traveling on September 14th, the journalist called immediately a locksmith to open her illegally locked door, but the super of the building Mireille Pugliese influenced the locksmith against the journalist who then left, falsely stating that it was illegal to open the door. 

The journalist was always friendly and quiet in the building and did nothing wrong and she had a lawyer for the place, she went with the law at any time. The journalist put the super in her place and told her that this barbaric action against her was completely illegal and she called another locksmith. A neighbor who was very friendly with the journalist let the locksmith on her terrace who risked his life by jumping a few terraces to be able to access the journalist's apartment to be able to cut the 6 bolts around the door from inside with a heavy saw. It was dangerous for the locksmith to climb the terraces but he was determined to help this innocent woman in despair. The journalist had to dedicate her last money of the month in mid September for the opening of her illegally locked door. Of course the owner Bauduin denied everything and put all the blame of the open door on Mrs van York. The influenced Mireille Pugliese called then spitefully the police, and the journalist was then surrounded by several aggressive arrogant police men and women from Menton, France, in her apartment where she had a legal contract. After showing all her up to date and legal documents to the police, the police called a legal aid of the criminal couple Thierry and Michele Bauduin who came over only to tell the police a bunch of lies. He claimed that the journalist doesn't live there anymore, that her contract was fake, that the place was rented to Russians now, that Russian food was in the refrigerator, that the journalist had another apartment etc etc, all lies! 

The journalist had a legal contract, she had no other place to live and the Russians didn't exist.

Despite all her legal documents, the police, who should protect its citizens instead of destroying them all the time, threw the journalist then on the street, threatening her and telling her if she comes back she would be locked up at Menton's commissariat. 


The journalist had all her belongings in the place and had nowhere else to go!

Furthermore Mrs van York recognized that all her keys and her expensive garage beeper that she paid for herself were stolen by the criminal Bauduins! The keys who are secured with the American Tile system were then detected in Monaco with the Bauduins thugs. Also her signs on her doors inside the apartment were ripped off violently and were thrown on the floor.

Also she was threatened with the police several times afterwards by the super who had no idea what was really going on, and the super started to threaten the neighbor who helped out and she influenced others against the journalist as well. Mrs van York had to put the super in her place several times and Mrs van York informed her now about the charges pressed against the super.

Before this incident the police of Monaco influenced several times the police of Menton against Mrs van York to destroy her life. Last year in November the police of Menton arrested Mrs van York arbitrarily when she was only hanging out quietly at home with her dog. She was put in solitary confinement for two long weeks and injected with dangerous drugs when she had done nothing wrong and her dog was brutally murdered. She was then freed by the support of her German government.

This year in September after the police of Menton put Mrs van York illegally on the street, Mrs van York

knew again her rights, and after the police left she went back into her place where she had the right to be.

In the evening of the same day at around 9h30pm the aggressive police came back, they illegally entered Mrs van York's place by the open broken door and threatened her again to lock her up if she doesn't leave.

Mrs van York refused the illegal orders of the aggressive French police influenced by Monaco's criminal police and she read her rights to these thugs who were illegally entering her place.

After Mrs van York was severely insulted several times by the impertinent police of Menton she became then a victim of their ongoing mockery that evening. It was obvious that these criminals tried everything to intimidate Mrs van York who was all by herself and defenseless but Mrs van York stayed strong and they didn't succeed. She stayed where she had the right to be and ordered the police to leave her place that they had trespassed illegally.

The door was broken and the Bauduins refused to repair it, and these criminals put all of a sudden all the blame on Mrs van York and started to gaslight everybody. A new lock cost one thousand Euros, and the door was dangerously open since, Mrs van York didn't have that kind of money after Monaco destroyed intentionally all her work because she spoke the truth about Monaco's severe ongoing police violence and severe government and justice system corruption. Mrs van York had no more income since, and any aid from the French government was declined against the law. Mrs van York's life was put again in high danger and the authorities were part again of this dangerous complot.    

Mrs van York called the Bauduins, no answer. She texted them to tell them that this was all illegal, and she asked for the immediate restitution of her stolen keys and beeper, and she asked for an immediate repair of the door, no answer. The door was dangerously open for weeks, and Mrs van York had to surround herself every day with defence mechanisms including sharp knives in case of a dangerous attack.

Mrs van York had to press charges against the Bauduins for illegal trespassing, for defamation and for theft, charges were also pressed again against the police of Menton who went constantly against all laws and who didn't stop to aggress Mrs van York since Monaco's police influenced them dangerously against the journalist, several charges were pressed before already against the police thugs of Monaco, and charges were also pressed against the super Mireille Pugliese for dangerously influencing everybody surrounding Mrs van York to make sure that the journalist ends up dangerously on the street.

All parties involved in putting Mrs van York's life in high danger were served

with the letter of Mrs van York's lawyer.

Mrs van York was illegally evicted on January 14th, 2020 in the cold winter,

and she is without a home since.

No justice was ever served!



Prince Albert of Monaco is incompetent to rule his tiny country properly.

By the order of the Prince the investigating judge Edouard Levrault was fired,

probably the most honest one in Monaco's completely corrupt justice system. 

Monaco is NO! state of law!


amber lounge.png


Aggressions again against journalist Anett-Patrice van York by this Russian woman Angelina Mange, Mange is a good friend of Francesco Mitrano from Monaco's dysfunctional polo club. 


This abuse is going on since 2016 and this serious abuse needs to stop!


In 2016 van York had her face black and blue and her lips slit open because Mange attacked van York physically with her extremely sharp nails after van York told Mange to stop aggressing constantly all the women at Monaco's polo cup. Mange has a serious psychological problem and needs to be locked up.

Charges are pressed, but it is obvious that the police of Monaco does nothing about it, because the abuse doesn't stop! Mange aggresses especially women and journalists.

Mange online.jpg


Interview of the new attorney general of Monaco, Mrs. Sylvie Petit-Leclair, 

in Monaco’s propaganda newspaper Monaco Matin:


We already knew that the palace of justice of Monaco is a nest of Freemasons criminals with Laurent ANSELMI (now former director of justice), Didier LINOTTE (president of the supreme court), and Jerome FOUGERAS LAVERGNOLLE (vice president of the court of first instance), but the interview of the new attorney general pulls us back to the medieval times.


She tells us that she will be retired soon and that she therefore will not create any waves in Monaco. 

Usually when you touch 25.000 euros per month, when you have a free 250sqm apartment from

the government of Monaco, when you are on various boards of directors of several banks with very substantial royalties, you should work properly and clean up the corrupt justice system, but she appears

to be on free holidays.


It is urgent to get out some French magistrates who discredit their country by acting contrarily to the convention on human rights.


But who will judge all former senior officials indicted properly?: They will judge between brothers (Freemasons) and they will have no conviction, unless somebody makes a big wave finally about

Monaco’s corrupt palace of justice.


ANSELMIFOUGERAS and LINOTTE should be in jail for many years with the offenses that they

have committed, but they will not be able to hold on for very long anymore because it’s time to end

this horrendous mob.


Interview of PETIT-LECLAIR in Monaco Matin


Monaco's and France's united complot against innocent abuse victims:


One of Monaco's abuse victims who we interviewed was severely physically aggressed again tonight in Monaco and she was seriously harassed by Beausoleil’s police commissioner (French police).


First of all we want to confirm that all the victims who we interviewed and who speak up on our site 

are true abuse victims with thousands of documents of proof, they are suffering from serious ongoing physical and mental abuse by the serious abuse of power of corrupt Monaco and its surroundings. And tonight was another proof that the police of Monaco and the police of France stick together, they all cover each other up, also the mayors, and all other high authorities, French or Monegasque, they all know each other and cover each other’s backs. (not to mention the ongoing dangerous presence of the Russian and Italian Mafia on the Cote d'Azur)


Also, none of the victims belong to our publishing team, our editors and publishers are spread out worldwide, one of our underground agents in Monaco witnessed the abuse tonight and confirmed the above. All agents are separate from all victims, there is no connection.


Monaco Media is connected with high ranked worldwide agents on top of their game who work relentlessly to get the real truth out that is suppressed by the corrupt evil in power. We disclose evil dictatorships and dangerous oligarchies.



A severe abuse victim, a renowned journalist, that we feature on this website was invited to two different events tonight, to one in Monaco, in the showroom Visionnaire, 13 boulevard Princess Charlotte, and then to the second event organized by Beausoleil’s mayor Gerard Spinelli. Beausoleil is situated right above Monaco on the French side of the border.


At the first event the victim was standing quietly among the invited guests in the showroom, when all of a sudden a security guard came on to her to see her invitation and her press badge, she had both, when the security guy came back he attacked her physically to get her out of the event. This complot was instigated

by Gulshat Uzenbaeva who was present at the event and who was seen by our agent influencing the security guard against the innocent victim. Uzenbaeva works in the press department for the Russian Ballet in Monaco and she destroyed already several times intentionally the victim’s press accreditations last year.

The victim hardly knows that woman and never did anything against her. The victim was humiliated in front of hundreds of people again and physically thrown out. The showroom Visionnaire should be from now on boycotted!


At the second event, also there the victim had her invitation, she was all of a sudden harassed by the French police commissioner (under the control of the mayor of Beausoleil), when she was standing quietly at the event in a church. Dubious monegasque men in black suits were informed that the victim arrived, and hidden photos were taken of her. (the victim approached the photographer afterwards who denied of course everything) At the after event she was then ignored by the mayor of Beausoleil who always greeted her for years, and one of his deputies told then his assistants to block the victim physically from the main guest of the evening, the Archbishop of Monaco, the victim knows him for years as well. The victim was constantly supervised and was told not to give her business cards to anybody and she was threatened that if she does so that she will be thrown out. The victim is a very talented press photographer and a renowned journalist, and nobody has the right to forbid her to communicate her truthful work.

A coward action of a corrupt mayor trying to intimidate an innocent woman with his armed police force trying to take her rights of free communication and her rights of freedom of speech from her!


Everybody in and around Monaco knows that Gerard Spinelli, the mayor of Beausoleil, is connected with the dangerous mafia. Everybody knows about his corruption charges and prison terms, and everybody knows that he was present that day when former Monaco’s police chief Andre Muhlberger was murdered in Cap d’Ail in 2013. And he is now targeting an innocent abuse victim. We ask: What for!? To impress corrupt Monaco and to be an accomplice of evil again!? They are just afraid all the time that the truth comes out about their severe ongoing abuse against innocent people who only defend their human rights.


We condemn this ongoing physical and mental abuse against innocent victims, and against respectful women!


In 2019 we would think that these men learned some respect for women over the last centuries,

but unfortunately not!



After Chinese communist dictator president Xi Jinping's visit in Monaco on March 24th: 


Huawei's 5G will be installed all over Monaco: A dangerous tool to spy into Europe in favor of China







And Monaco's severe dictatorship continues: This is really the tip of the sinking iceberg!

On Sunday March 24th, 2019 China's communist dictator president Xi Jinping was visiting Monaco, and Monaco's government forbid officially its citizens to go on their own balconies or terraces, and forbid them to open their windows from 10h30am until 4pm! Monaco's citizens were basically ordered to SHUT UP and to stay indoors. Monaco is a serious dictatorship, and so is China.


Monegasques and Monaco's citizens, don't you see you are gagged again.

Your own government tells you to shut up again.

People in Monaco, if you don't wake up right now, we can't help you anymore! This is a serious violation of your human rights! This is another serious sign of the 'covered' ongoing dictatorship in Monaco, by Prince Albert II and his dangerous mostly Freemasons' mafia staff, including the corrupt minister of the interior Patrice Cellario, also a Freemason.


And of course 'Monaco Matin' reports about it, 'Monaco Matin' is Monaco's first propaganda medium.

And if you don't obey their dictatorship rules, you will be arrested, as usual.


And Prince Albert is also very close to Vladimir Putin, and Albert treats his citizens accordingly,

our USA correspondent knows a lot about their dangerous relationship. One dictator supports the next. Monaco is a severe dictatorship, a dangerous oligarchy comparable to North Korea, and like China.

Wake up, people! This is a serious wake up call for your human rights.

And always remember, China is known for its severe animal cruelty.

And follow our website, you are ruled by a 'covered' dictator. 


The rigged mayor election of Monaco:


The election of the new mayor in the Principality of Monaco. 

This election system is comparable with the regime of North Korea, a single candidate with his list of quitters, in this case Georges MARSAN, cronyism is not a rumor, but reality.

Everyone is asking why there is only one list!?

The reason is simple, when candidates ran in the previous municipal elections, they were threatened in their family- and in their professional lives, Monaco is not a state of law but a hidden dictatorship.

Poor Monaco, Prince Rainier III of Monaco must turn in his grave, he who made Monaco a prosperous country, where these criminals rob our wealth and our democracy now.


The severe and covered crimes of the Princess Charlene Foundation:

Monaco Media is absolutely outraged! about Princess Charlene's and her brother Gareth Wittstock's behavior and Charlene's recent expensive trips to New York, South Africa and more,

after the secretary of the Princess Charlene Foundation Christiane Cane had arbitrarily arrested an innocent journalist in Monaco at an event of Charlene's foundation in Monaco where the woman was on the list and had her VIP wristband. The innocent victim was then humiliated in front of hundreds of people, she was severely bullied and insulted by Monaco's police, locked up for hours in the dark as an apparent threat to Prince Albert (the woman was registered with Monaco's government in the press department for years), the police made fun of the innocent woman for hours and hours and then deported her from Monaco with the words that she was not welcome anymore in Monaco. When the innocent victim tried to go back to Monaco the same day because she didn't do anything wrong, she was stopped from entering, and was then severely insulted, and severely threatened by the police of Monaco again.

After this event the victim lost all her jobs in and out of Monaco, she was bullied and defamed everywhere in Monaco all of a sudden, and the severe assaults are going on until today. The woman is constantly bullied and harassed until today since this serious offence by Charlene's foundation. The victim lost her whole existence now, she lost her apartment because of this serious assault and its serious aftermath, her salary, her health insurance, all her work, reputation and connections. 


The severe victim contacted the Princess Charlene Foundation several times afterwards,

no E-mails were ever answered, phone calls were cut very short to a spare couple of seconds with fake promises from the foundation, and when the victim passed by at the foundation the assistant of Christiane Cane, Kimberly Jarvis, smashed violently the door in the woman's face. The victim also contacted Charlene and her brother Gareth, who is the director of Charlene's foundation, by E-mails and by letters, the woman knew Gareth, Gareth promised several times to get back to the destroyed victim, 

he never followed through. All only impertinent empty promises. Charlene never answered either. 

And Prince Albert didn't care at all! 


Today the woman lives in poverty, she lost all her jobs and connections, welfare was illegally declined for her, she suffered then serious panic attacks from this ongoing serious abuse. And no single excuse from Charlene, her brother Gareth, or Albert! 


The victim asked for compensation, Charlene, Gareth and Albert don't even care! 


It is so easy to destroy innocent people when rich oligarchs have the money and when they think they have the power to do whatever they want to anybody.


SHAME ON YOU CHARLENE, GARETH, and ALBERT and the responsible for the evil of the PRINCESS CHARLENE FOUNDATION: Christiane Cane and Kimberly Jarvis, and colleagues!


Corrupt police commander Klaric refused to handle the case, and corrupt former justice director Philippe Narmino dismissed the charges with impertinent pretexts and lies. Justice was never served,

another life was intentionally destroyed, and Charlene and Co. continue to celebrate their lives in full prosperity as if nothing ever happened.


Important proof of this serious ongoing! abuse was sent to international authorities and to international investigators, including very important witness letters.


Real Estate:


Illegal dispossessions of innocent elderly people in Monaco:


Several elderly people in Monaco without any descendants face illegal dispossessions after Monaco 

declared them with fake psychological and medical statements as too erratic or too ill to continue to live 

in their own properties. Completely invented and false declarations and accusations are found in several police reports.


The leaders of this evil complot against humanity are: (all corrupt Freemasons):

Richard Marangoni (Police Director),

Remy Le Juste (Administration Director of the Police),

and Franck Totti (Police Captain).

The court outcome is set as usual in advance by these unlawful Freemasons to the favor of Monaco's corrupt government. The super of the building, where the apartments in question are, is connected to Monaco's corrupt police, the police works together with corrupt psychiatrists to fabricate fake and defaming psychological statements of the victims, like in so many other cases before, to unlawfully take

all their rights away from them, to get them out of their own properties. Of course Monaco's propaganda press 'Monaco Matin' and others don't report about it.

Monaco is a serious disgrace to human kind.

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