Ongoing Defamation and Discrimination against professional women

in the gay dominated Fashion world!


We condemn Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin and his gay crew

and the gay Film Company Ebersole-Hughes


A female journalist who is working in the fashion industry for over 30 years

who was planning an important fashion documentary featuring Fashion Designer Pierre Cardin as the most important character

was pushed out of the way deceitfully by Pierre Cardin and his gay crew

to give a flamboyant American gay couple David Ebersole and Todd Hughes

the exclusive rights for a documentary about Cardin's life.

The discrimination in the Fashion world is nothing new, but that this is still 

going on in the year 2019 is an absolute disgrace!

The woman was lied to, apparent interviews with Mr Cardin were several times postponed for months by Pierre Cardin's press responsable Jean-Pascal Hesse, and all of a sudden this gay couple Ebersole Hughes were in the picture who came way later, and they got immediately the interview with Mr Cardin and the rights for a documentary and the female journalist's interview with the designer was rejected all of a sudden after she was left in the dark for months!


It is obvious which gay intrigue was played here but it didn't stop there!

The woman had to cancel her documentary without having the main character,

she was very disappointed but she stayed diplomatic and congratulated the gay producers on their approved documentary and offered her help with her over 30 years of fashion expertise since these gay producers had absolutely no couture experience! Her help was never accepted and then Pierre Cardin and his crew, together with the gay producers Ebersole-Hughes started to defame the woman so that she lost her accreditation for this year's Venice Film Festival (2019), she was blocked from her Festival accreditation then with tons of lies, she was blocked from attending the screening of the Cardin documentary and the after event with tons of discriminating lies, and Mr Cardin's nephew Rodrigo Basilicati who will take over the Cardin enterprise after his uncle's death was also part of this evil game! And the flamboyant gay producers told everybody responsable not to let this innocent woman in

after she flew in from far away only to honor Mr Cardin!

We collected all proof for over two years! It is absolutely DISGUSTING!

Mr Pierre Cardin, Jean-Pascal Hesse, Rodrigo Basilicati, and David Ebersole and Todd Hughes, you are an absolute DISGRACE!

And it is very sad to see that at the old age of 97 Pierre Cardin still plays

the mean calculated faggot card!

The journalist flew then into this years Venice Film Festival for NOTHING now!

The woman had a lot of respect for Pierre Cardin as a talented designer,

but that respect is over now!

It is DISGUSTING how gay men allow themselves all the time to mistreat women in such a way! The woman was discredited in all kinds of places with all kinds of people By Pierre Cardin and his crew and her connections and her work is in jeopardy now in this field just because of evil gay men who are woman haters!

Pierre Cardin and Co, you are a DISGRACE!





















We got several reports in about a severely fraudulent moving company!

Be aware of the moving company STAR MOVE (GOGOOD on AnyVan),

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They take your money, they make several fake pick up promises

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Clients lost a lot of money and were put in a lot of ongoing distress!

This fraudulent company is listed, among on other sites, on AnyVan,

AnyVan was informed, and it is obvious that AnyVan didn't check them out before accepting STAR MOVE/GOGOOD on their site! 

The driver's name is Robert Wysoczanski, he claims he is the owner, but the bank account is run in the name of a certain Magdalena Dygas!

Her email: magdalena.starmove@gmail.com

Be aware!





























Be aware of the booking company SMARTFARES!

As soon as you book a flight on their website, it is not confirmed that you can get on the flight, but they take your money anyway and will never reimburse you!

Also, when they have your credit card information they will continuously

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