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Dear citizens, friends, democrats, press journalists.

I have decided to make public certain mafia excesses that affect our country, the principality of Monaco.

Indeed, the press had to make public the huge scandal of the Rybolovlev case (President of Monaco's Football) - Bouvier (Art Merchant), that has shaken the principality of Monaco for months.

As a first step, it is clear that the (now former) coroner of Monaco Mr Edouard Levrault charged the worst of Monaco, including Jean-Pierre Dreno (Former Attorney General), Philippe Narmino (former director

of justice), his son, his wife, but also Paul Masseron (former minister of the interior), and two senior officials of the judicial police of Monaco Christophe Haguet and Frédéric Fusari (divisional police officer still in office - he is supposed to be suspended) and Régis Asso (former police director) - all of them are part of the Freemasonry except Philippe Narmino who is part of the catholic sect (the white penitent-brotherhood) where secrets and derivatives are anonymously recognized. Laurent Anselmi (former director of justice) is a Freemason as well.

These characters who for years have truncated judicial trials in favor of their brothers (Freemasons) and their brotherhood (the white penitent), in the present case, these thugs exchanged thousands of sms with Rybolovlev's lawyer, Tetiana Bersheda, in order to bring down Yves Bouvier and to put unworthy and threats against the lawyer of Monaco, in this case Frank Michel (see Frank Michel's personal facebook account). Thousands of sms were exchanged between these people, the press has published only about 30 of those, where we have been able to see the dimension of the collusion that affects all of our institutions, it was indeed never seen before.

It appears from the thousands of text messages that ALL the institutions of Monaco are actually affected, the justice department, the police, and even the government with the Prime Minister Serge Telle

(also a Freemason - Great Eastern Lodge of France), who has done everything to ensure that the coroner

in charge of this dossier Mr Edouard Levrault is no longer in office in the principality of Monaco. Mr Telle wanted to crush this case through manoeuvres contrary to the monegasque constitution. He has thus intentionally violated the separation of powers, which under the law is a criminal offence.


So it becomes urgent that the French government is interested in the actions of this character, who I recall is a French national (former socialist) and that the French government can initiate judicial proceedings against its nationals, if they commit criminal offences in foreign countries, which in this case is the case. (see Elise Lucet's program - France 2 and France 3)

More than ever, the revelations made about this case reinforce the combat that I have been fighting for years, the mafia collusion between the institutions of my country (Monaco). Above all are the serious excesses since the death of Prince Rainier III. Indeed, it is public knowledge that Prince Rainier III who was "the prince - builder” built the prosperity in Monaco, he did not want the cult of the Freemasons and even less the presence of the Russian mafia in Monaco.

Today, my country is under the influence of these two components, which make my country a state of non existing law, or corruption state. Threats and pressures of all kinds are in the daily lives of my compatriots and of the residents of Monaco.

We all know that our country is in danger, it becomes urgent that the highest authority in our country gets rid of certain officials of the monegasque state, particularly in public safety, the judiciary department, but also in the government where the freemasons pollute the principality of Monaco with ruthless villains.

Moreover, I recall that Jean-Louis Aubert (former MP and minister) is outraged about the overwhelming excesses of the Freemasonry which compares to a criminal sect.

Remember it has been over 15 years since I've been reporting to other monegasque people about this dangerous mafia. I made this criminal behavior of these senior officials public, who for years have carried out false criminals cases to discredit dozens of innocent people, particularly through political trials.

Today, the question of law that arises is how many honest people have been dispossessed before this became public!

I have have a lot of files about these excesses, and the evidence of dozens of people who have lost their trials because of these criminals, their loss satisfying the interests of this Freemasonry that is in criminal hiding for financial and greedy purposes. The many scandals that these characters have covered and buried with the complicity of second brothers still active in public safety and Monaco’s palace of justice.

The case of the golden book of the police of more than 500 traders in the principality of Monaco have been robbed by the police officers of Monaco (see press articles).

The case of Andre Muhlberger (former head of the police of Monaco) who was in the United States with the wife of a Russian mobster (see internet). He had resigned from his position. And then his death at the beach of Mala, Cap d’Ail, it is public knowledge that he was eliminated by the Russian Mafia. (see press).

The case of residence cards, and the resulting traffic to exchange those cards for suitcases full of cash, are no longer a rumor but a reality (see the press).

The Jean Yves Gambarini Case (former boss of the judicial police) was put in the closet for 10 years, the case regarding his association with Italians who were registered by Interpol (see the press).

The Jean Pierre Dreno Case, denounced by Greco, the anti-corruption council, because he benefited from a villa in Italy owned by a mysterious character in exchange for his assistance in judicial proceedings in Monaco, what is called the law of corruption (see the press).

The recent case of Marangoni (currently head of public safety - a freemason) where the latter does not in any way respect the decision of the coroner, including the provisional suspension of Mr Christophe Haget, by granting Haget an office in the police. As a result, Mr Richard Marangoni commits a penal violation of law, like Serge Telle, between brothers (Freemasons) he is held by the goatee.

As for Mr Richard Marangoni, I would like to refresh his memory by a simple question: You have been naturalized a Monegasque in very strange circumstances, can you tell us officially how you declared your main home in Monaco, because, according to my information (documents), you lived in France all year (Rue de Lorraine), there must be a miracle!

The Laurent Anselmi Case where the latter also intervenes in order not to renew the term of office for judge Edouard Levrault. Anselmi has demonstrated by his intervention that he must confuse the rights of North Korea's with the rule of law. His mediocrity of his legal knowledge is legendary, like his diplomas from the Roman era.

And what about Philippe Narmino, in addition to being questioned with all his family (wife and son), the latter is quoted in other cases, we learn through Mediapart and others, he is quoted in the sale of paintings belonging to the monegasque Red Cross when he was president, with his friend Brianti (today deceased) - (still a hell of a scum), and that they have made an important amount of money for themselves instead of redistributing the money to the association to help people in difficulties. But that is not all, his wife, lent her name to a large French jewellery house in Monaco for a salary of 20.000 Euros per month (hello conflicts of interest). Really a family that is afraid of nothing! It is also public knowledge that Philippe Narmino is quoted in very little moral affairs. He benefited all these years from his power and the protection of his friends in the institutions of our country to escape legal proceedings. But, unfortunately for him, the wheel turns, indeed, it has been necessary for a French National Magistrate to finally do his job, so that the house of cards falls apart.

The joke of Regis Asso and Philippe Narmino during the lottery of the monegasque Red Cross, which awarded each year a golden pendant (important value handed over by the jeweler), and a miracle took place during this evening in 2017, 'really' by pure chance, the wife of Mr. Regis Asso was drawn as the winner, what a divine chance! I forgot the president of the Red Cross was Philippe Narmino, it must be 

a miracle! And then, if there were any morals, the wife of Regis Asso should have put this prize back for another winner, but no, she kept that expensive gift for herself. 

Finally, Asso ended up at the SBM with a salary of 12.000 Euros in addition to his honorable cop retirement pension. When you belong to a Freemasons network, you get it all, and also you are escaping legal proceedings.


It is becoming urgent to ban in our country the Freemasonry which is made up of real thugs.


Remember the bomb case at Louis II Stadium in 2004, which had caused significant damage. The propaganda orchestrated by a government report wanted us to believe that it was certainly a supporter of AS Monaco, following the defeat in the European cup of Monaco. The government back then really wasn't lacking of any humor. But unfortunately very soon I will be able to refresh the memory of some people still in Monaco's police because my revelations will make waves.


Remember, these many cases are showing a country in disruption, we patriots and citizens and democrats claim the love of our country, it is imperative to fight these freemasons who discredit our country.

For years, it is public knowledge, what I had to endure with my family because of cleverly orchestrated assaults by these criminal networks, also death threats, aggressions at my home, false claims with the intention to harm me. But nothing will stop me in the name of justice for the freedom of expression.

However, I thought I had suffered all, but no, on January 30th, 2000, my mother died in front of the Louis II Stadium, at the Monaco-Nice match where there had been very serious incidents every year, before, during and after the game. It was acquired by a very large number of testimonies that my mother had been threatened and assaulted by Nice supporters. I therefore filed a complaint with the authorities of Monaco. As an indication, there were the same people at the head of the various institutions of Monaco. (see the press) 

In my complaints, I attended a number of previous shenanigans where all the worst covered each other up, Marangoni (Freemason), Dreno (Freemason), Masseron (Freemason), Haget (Freemason), Klaric (Police Officer -Freemason), Narmino (Brotherhood), Gottlieb (General Information Officer - Freemason), and even Serge Telle (Freemason), in order to escape criminal convictions for non-assistance to anyone in danger and for false criminal claims (this is stated in my reports), but also with second accomplices, which have supported these heinous acts.

Besides, you must know that when my mother died, together with my father, we were not informed about her death.


Message to Richard Marangoni:

Shame on you Richard Marangoni who was in the night of the Monaco-Nice match, the divisional officer in charge of the public. Never forget Richard Marangoni, that you have on your conscience the death of my mother and father, so the fight for my parents' memory is not over. There is no doubt Richard Marangoni that you are well manipulated and poisoned by the Russian Mafia.

Moreover, it is constant that other compatriots have also been targeted by his thugs, including Cane, Crovetto, van York, Chollet, Andreoli, Iaccarini and many more!

Therefore, our country is not a state of law, with a separation of powers, but a rogue state.

In this respect, I therefore accuse this 'Association of criminals': Dreno, Narmino, Marangoni, Klaric, Haget, Gottlieb, Masseron for having incited the aggressions in my home. I therefore ask the French Seal Keepers, Mrs Nicole Belloubet, to open a judiciaire case against Jean Pierre Dreno (cited in several cases) and Mrs Sylvie Petit-Leclair, the new prosecutor of Monaco, to open cases against Narmino, Klaric, Haget, Gottlieb, Masseron and all those who are complicit in these criminal acts against democracy.

In addition, I would like to point out that I have filed several complaints, for false and false use, and also for money laundering, against this association of criminals, and recently against a former police officer (former official of the Monaco police archives section) for insults, defamation and X for threats and blackmailing. All scumbags.

I would like to thank all my friends from Monaco, neighboring communities and all faculties, but also Anonymous, who, since the revelations of the Bouvier-Rybolovlev case, understand better the fight I lead with other people against these scumbags, but above all I was right about these excesses.

The fight is not over, because we have to get rid of these dubious characters who give a deplorable image of our country.

Levrault was a courageous and impartial investigating coroner who was addressing everyone.

On the other hand, I would like to point out that a former disciple of the cult of the Freemasons (GNLF) has given me several files, with the names of the 38.000 dignitaries on the Côte d 'Azur, a real treat, because I know now who is hiding behind the masked knights. Freemasons are like rats, we have to clean our country from this vermin.


Very soon you will have a list of the second accomplices of the police and the palace of justice that work for their brothers in hiding (Freemasons).

A contributor


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