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The masked knights finally unmasked: 


The Principality of Monaco lives to the rhythm of the episodes of the RYBOLOVLEV - BOUVIER affair. This case has led to unprecedented indictments: Philippe NARMINO (former Director of Justice),

Jean-Pierre DRENO (former Attorney General), Paul MASSERON (former Minister of the Interior),

Régis ASSO (former Police Director), Christophe HAGUET, still active in the police force, although temporarily suspended from any function, likewise for his deputy Patrick FUSARI.


C.Carpinelli: ‘How is it acceptable that two accused criminals (HAGUET, FUSARI) are still able to intervene actively and indirectly in a judicial file implicating them!? This judicial investigation could be very long-term, why has the status of commissioner HAGET, a French civil servant, detached from Monaco for 12 years, not been ended, when such a contract is only exceptionally renewed after 3 years. I recall a statement by the current director of justice: "I do not want to say about any of them (the French magistrates sent to Monaco) that they were renewed because they demonstrate docility or servility ... at the whim of the person who appointed them. “ While following this case, the former director of justice was resigned, and the general prosecutor DOREMIEUX was forced to exercise elsewhere. What could commissioner HAGET have done to benefit from such privileges!?’ 

It should be noted that all these dubious characters were in office at the time of the crimes they are accused of. Moreover, the content of thousands of E-mails proves that we are in the presence of a horrendous association of criminals in the strict sense of the law. 

But that's not all, today, there are always their ‘brothers’ who are in all kinds of positions in our institutions and who work in hiding such as Richard MARANGONI (current Police Director), or Alain KLARIC (Director of the Police of the Police) and Jean-Raymond GOTTLIEB (General Information Officer), all three cited in many cases for committing criminal offenses, but they were never prosecuted. All three are Freemasons at the GLNF Lodge in Nice (rue de Lille). And then there are still these two magistrates in their positions, Didier LINOTTE (President of the Supreme Court) and Jerome Fougeras-LAVERGNOLLE (President of

the Criminal Court), both also Freemasons. Our country is in the hands of this thuggery that works only

for their brothers and certainly not for our country. 

The official list is long, we are in possession of the entire list of the Freemasons with 38.000 thousand names on the French Riviera.

It is necessary to chase them out of our country (Monaco) as fast as possible, but first they must be punished for their severe criminal offenses in an impartial court. The fight for our country is just beginning and justice has to be restored to those who have been robbed. 

In all respectful democracies the Freemasons are obliged to declare their membership of a Lodge, which is not the case in our country, hence the conflicts of interests and spoliations cleverly orchestrated by this association of criminals. The National Council of Monaco should make a law regarding this serious issue. 



Masked knights - unmasked:

Jean-Marie FIORUCCI, journalist with Monaco-Matin, the propaganda newspaper of Monaco’s institutions, FIORUCCI whose nickname is ‘Boule Puante’ (Stinking Ball), he is a longtime Freemason of the Grand Orient Lodge. FIORUCCI was caught many times writing extremely defaming articles about several innocent victims, just to discredit them. Fiorucci never came to court, never met these victims and never saw their numerous evidence. Jean-Marie FIORUCCI does not lack of bad humor in these disgrading articles against the innocent victims, but on the other hand when his son was condemned twice for serious concealments of important files, including the case OPINIONWAY, pere FIORUCCI shuts up all of a sudden. 


Another unmasked knight of the Freemasons works for the police of Monaco CHRISTOPHE DAVID. 

According to our records this captain is part of this thuggery, by creating fake hearings, but especially by

his involvement in multiple of his brothers' crimes. Christophe DAVID is an impertinent arrogant police entity who mistreated and insulted many innocent victims. 

Patrice CELLARIO (Minister of the Interior) is a confirmed Freemason as well. We contacted him many times regarding the ongoing police violence in Monaco, nothing was ever done, the innocent victims are constantly severely harassed until today. 


Also REMY LE JUSTE (Administrative Director of the Police) and FRANK TOTTI (Police Captain), who

are in the middle of dispossessing illegally innocent elderly people without descendants of their property, together with corrupt Freemason police director Richard MARANGONI. 

A serious group of thugs indicted for passive and active corruption, a dangerous gang of Freemasons,

to be consumed in moderation. 

The now former director of justice Laurent ANSELMI, who replaced Philippe NARMINO, explained to us, that Monaco would be a state of law. Poor ANSELMI, it's been a long time since he left his law school, he should enroll in legal training to get back on track. ANSELMI was listed as the second from the top on the Freemasons' list since 1993, of the Grand Lodge in Nice, his address was indicated as 25 rue de l'Annonciade 98000 Monaco. His friend JANOWSKI WOJCIECH, who was sentenced to 30 years in prison for having ordered the murder of Mrs Helene Pastor, is/was also part of the same masonic Lodge in Nice, as well as crown prosecutor JEAN-MICHEL PRETRE.

In addition, it should be mentioned that the Minister of State Serge TELLE and ANSELMI told the press that they opposed the renewal of the coroner, in this case Edouard LEVRAULT, to better target the (brotherhood) instructions. What a beautiful moral lesson of our Freemasons hiding behind their operetta apron. And it was Serge TELLE and his team who gave the order to destroy the work and the reputation of truth telling journalists with evil mafia measures, innocent journalists who only spoke the truth about the ongoing severe police violence in Monaco and who spoke the truth about the ongoing severe corruption of Monaco's government and justice system. TELLE's involvement was confirmed by Anne EASTWOOD, from the Haut Commissariat of Monaco, EASTWOOD, another dubious entity, she is another propaganda tool who tries to bribe truth tellers when they speak the truth about Monaco's evil.

Prince Rainier III must turn in his grave, Rainier who built up Monaco to its prosperity, and who had strictly banned masonic lodges in the Principality of Monaco. 

Police officers with dubious practices, about 110 Freemasons are among the 530 police officers, judges under influence, a minister suspicious of collusion, and corrupt Prince Albert is part of it all!


Even Alexandre BENALLA (former bodyguard of president Emmanuel Macron) invites himself into the police of Monaco, with a residence permit for his mafia friend Iskander MAKHMUDOV.

The police director of Monaco, Richard MARANGONI, our national Freemason, who is quoted in several cases, certainly advised Benalla, MARANGONI who made false statements of his residence to become Monegasque, he lived in France and not in Monaco, as he had indicated. The BENALLA case is proof that the ongoing criminal activities of Monaco’s police by the Freemasonry can have very harmful consequences. 

These mafia procedures are similar to those in North Korea. This can no longer be resolved with a simple cleaning, but with a serious purge, because otherwise it will end very badly for the principality. 

The credibility of Prince Albert II is ruined, since he refuses to set up an independent commission of inquiry into these dangerous unlawful drifts and to compensate all robbed victims, but also to punish these criminal thugs. Albert does the opposite, he gives orders to have innocent truth tellers arbitrarily arrested all the time, he gives orders to destroy their reputation, all their jobs, their whole existence, trying to destroy them and to silence them. But the more he harms the innocent victims the stronger they get!

We would like to point out that we hold irrefutable documents and proof of the villainous actions of many senior officials of Monaco (magistrates, police etc), and that we will publish them, and that we will publish also the whole official list of these dangerous and unlawful Freemasons.

(All documents are safe with several international authorities and press agencies for our own security)


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Masonic Monaco:

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