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Open Letter to Beausoleil's corrupt mayor Gerard Spinelli after the serious harassment incident against an innocent journalist

For Mr Gerard Spinelli, his deputies and his police


Yesterday evening during the St. Joseph event in Beausoleil several women were seriously harassed by your police commissioner instigated by your deputy, prohibiting these women to exchange their business cards with others. Not only did this commissioner target several women first because he did not know who was who, before targeting an independent and innocent journalist, a serious abuse victim, who was only there to relax.


Not only are you a coward to use your armed police force to try to intimidate these innocent women, but also you abused these innocent women who only went out to have a good time and not to be harassed by their own mayor.

Also, one of your assistants took photos of the journalist and we know exactly why, and your deputy pointed the innocent victim out to secret agents, and he influenced his female assistants against the innocent woman to build a body wall between him, the invited archbishop and the innocent victim. It was very disturbing to watch.

Our agents were among the guests and saw this serious abuse, and we've included you now on our site.


You are a corrupt mayor who is connected with the mafia, who was in prison several times, who is known for his serious corruption and who was present during the day when Monaco’s former police chief Andre Muhlberger

was murdered, and now you are even trying to forbid truthful journalists their freedom of speech and their right

of communication.


You do not have the right to forbid people to communicate with others. Every human being has the right to communicate with other people and every human being has the right to exchange business cards with others whenever they want. We are not in North Korea here!


You have given us another proof that you are working together with corrupt Monaco and that you support the serious ongoing corruption and that you support the constant harassment against innocent abuse victims. 

And you showed yesterday that you are afraid of the truth because you are seriously corrupt, and everyone

knows it, your severe crimes were quite often in the press.


If you try once again to harass your innocent citizens who only say the truth, we will take higher and serious measures.


If you do not stop it will have serious consequences for you. And we will continue to exercise our right of freedom of speech. And Monaco Media has no connection with the victims, our agency is independent. From now on we will observe you even more than before and the international media and international authorities will be informed.


signed by the

Director of Monaco Media

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