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In Loving Memory, Kate Powers, Stars N' Bars, Monaco

Kate Powers, the co-founder of the legendary Stars N' Bars just died
not even yet 70 years old, Kate was diagnosed with cancer in February 2021 and died now about 6 months later. Kate was the daughter of Jeanne Kelly, Grace Kelly's best friend, Kate grew up together with Prince Albert, and Mike Powers, one of Kate's brothers, is Prince Albert's best friend. Born in the United States she came with her mother at the age of 5 to the principality and she became one of the most beloved personalities in Monaco.

Kate did not only have a very sweet and kind personality and a very warm heart, but she also supported honest journalists who were severely persecuted in Monaco because they published the truth about the ongoing police violence in Monaco and about the ongoing severe government and justice system corruption. Kate informed even her brother Mike who then informed Prince Albert when journalists were lying in hospitals with over 40 injuries all over their bodies inflicted by the dangerous police of Monaco, and when other crimes against honest truth tellers occurred,
to prevent further persecution.

Monaco is a dangerous oligarchy and is directed by dangerous Freemasons who are holding the highest positions (administration, police, health, justice) and who go against all human rights and against all possible laws. Also, Prince Albert established a special police force to persecute honest journalists and truth tellers who report about Monaco's ongoing crimes, they are constantly severely persecuted with illegal arrests, serious bullying and defamation, serious character assassination, intentional job destruction, kidnapping and illegal injections with dangerous drugs, illegal seizure of the journalists' apartments, evil murder of the journalists domestic animals, illegal wiretapping, fake cases are often created against the victims, and much more.

Kate was appalled by so much evil against truth that she interfered several times to protect the truth tellers' rights and to save their lives.

Thank you Kate for your ongoing amazing support, you will be deeply missed. Now we will have an angel flying over us protecting our honest work and our lives against evil. Spirits are powerful entities.

In Loving Memory! 

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