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Monaco's dangerous Freemasons' tactics to destroy innocent citizens: Fake death announcements: Case Jean-Paul and Veronique Chollet

Jean-Paul and his wife Veronique Chollet became serious victims of the Freemasons of Monaco when they denounced unlawful practices of this group in Monaco. The Freemasons were allowed to establish themselves under Prince Albert of Monaco in 2011. The Freemasons in Monaco hold the most important positions in Monaco (Police, Justice, Justice, Health) and they go against all laws and against all human rights. Because the Chollets denounced the illegal unlawful intrigues of that group they became a severe target of the Freemasons. Their upscale business was destroyed and auctioned off, the Chollets never saw a penny of it, all rights were taken from them, they got defamed and destroyed, and the Freemasons' intrigues against them didn't stop there, the Freemasons even put a fake death announcement of Veronique Chollet in 'Monaco Matin' to get rid of Veronique Chollet's resident card of Monaco after destroying their whole existence. (Monaco Matin is an agent of Monaco's corrupt government and put many defaming articles in their paper just to defame innocent victims like Anett-Patrice van York, Francis Andreoli etc).

(see the video in Home: 'Monaco's dangerous Freemasons', by Jean-Paul Chollet)

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