Ongoing discrimination and serious harassment against press people
and friends of Thierry Mugler severely executed by
Jean-Baptiste Rougeot, agent of Thierry Mugler 

Several important press people and also longtime friends of Thierry Mugler are constantly severely harassed by his agent Rougeot,
although they have their international press cards and although they
are on important VIP lists for the events.
Rougeot blocks their entry, blocks them from taking pictures, Rougeot shouts out loud slurs against them to defame them in front of hundreds
of important international people to incite others against them to destroy intentionally their excellent reputation, Rougeot sabotages important expensive actions of the press people to honor the artist Mugler,
furthermore Rougeot disrespects the most important fashion CEOs and doesn't respect important photoshoot appointments with old respectful CEOs, Rougeot makes sure that all the work of the press people will be constantly sabotaged and that the innocent people
will be constantly defamed. 

Several witnesses came forward, several police reports are filed, all witness statements, all recordings and all documents of proof are on file.
The Crown Prosecutor is informed.

Thierry Mugler himself is not to blame, either L'Oreal, only Rougeout 
with his ongoing extremely abusive criminal behavior.


This serious ongoing damaging harassment needs to STOP!

plainte censored c.jpg
Several witness statements will follow!,...