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After a long ongoing period of severe discrimination and serious harassment against press people, muses and friends of Manfred Thierry Mugler severely executed by Jean-Baptiste Rougeot, former agent of Mugler, several victims of Rougeot filed heavy police and court reports against the attacker in several countries.

Several important press people and also longtime friends and muses
of M.Thierry Mugler were constantly severely harassed by Rougeot,  
although they had their international press cards and although they
were on important VIP lists for the events.
Rougeot blocked their entry, blocked them from taking pictures, Rougeot shouted out loud slurs against them to defame them in front of hundreds
of important international people to incite others against them to destroy intentionally their excellent reputation. Rougeot sabotaged important expensive actions of Mugler's friends to honor the artist Mugler,
furthermore Rougeot disrespected the most important fashion CEOs and didn't respect important photoshoot appointments with them, Rougeot made sure that all the work of the press people was constantly sabotaged and that the innocent people were constantly defamed. 

Furthermore Rougeot executes now 'victim blaming', also called 'gaslighting' or 'brainwashing', trying to blame all of his criminal actions on his innocent victims, a typical behavior of a dangerous narcissist. Rougeot destroyed now friendships of his victims with Mugler's close entourage, and he influences now Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz, former lover of Mugler, a polish sex worker and a trash artist living in Berlin, against all his victims to repeat Rougeot's ongoing lies to destroy the victims reputation, connections and jobs.Krzysztof Leon Dziemaszkiewicz is Rougeot's dangerous 'flying monkey' now.

Flying monkeys are people who actively participate in a narcissist's smear campaign by repeating the narcissist's ongoing lies among other destructive actions. The goal of the campaign is to destroy the target's reputation. Flying monkeys carry out much of the narcissist's dirty work,
allowing the narcissist to keep his hands clean.

Also, at Mugler's funeral important CEOs who built up the Mugler brand were not invited, but non important Mugler fans connected to Rougeot and Leon were let in, and many many more mistakes were committed.

Many witnesses came forward, many police reports are filed against Rougeot, and all witness statements, all recordings
and all documents of proof are on file. The police and the crown prosecutors in several countries are informed.

The Mugler team is not responsible, only Rougeot is to blame
with his extremely abusive ongoing criminal behavior, and now
his helper Krzysztof
Leon Dziemaszkiewicz too.

Rougeot not only abused innocent people, but damaged also Mugler's
creative legacy and kind image, Manfred Thierry Mugler
was one of the kindest fashion people on this planet.

Rougeot is known for his excessive drug and alcohol abuse, so is Leon,
and for his nightly messy drag and drug dress up parties, so is Leon.
Drugs make a lot of people evil and irrational.
Shame on you, Rougeot and Leon, shame on you!

When you are a victim of abuse, speak up and save your existence,
and protect therewith others, narcissists have no empathy
and if you don't act on it they will destroy you! 

Rougeot was reported in several countries, Leon is now too.

leon feathers.jpg

                    Jean-Baptiste Rougeot                                                     Rougeot (left) and Leon (right)                                                                    Leon


                                       Leon                                                                                                                                                                            Krzysztof-Leon-Dziemaszkiewicz     

                Leon (left) and Rougeot (right)

Leon sylvester.jpg

Leon (left) and Rougeot (right)

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