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Serious ongoing defamation against truthful journalists:

Serious Bullying and defamation going on in Monaco against press people who speak the truth about Monaco's severe police violence and Monaco's severe government and justice system corruption.


Pics of the abusers of Monaco: and many more,...

(Many of these corrupt people act on behalf of Monaco's Mafia-Infested-Principality to hide the truth)

All: Intentional work destruction of- and serious ongoing defamation and bullying against truthful 

journalists. In addition: Severe instigations of illegal arrests against innocent journalists (committed

by Celine Lafuente de Lavotha (Monaco Reporter), Christiane Cane (Princess Charlene Foundation),

Karl Vanis ('Club Allemand International Monaco') etc, physical violence against female journalists

(by the police of Monaco, by Alexander Sandvoss+Evelyn Kilb (Mandoga Media), Kimberly Jarvis, Alexandre Pascal, Angelina Mange, Louise Harrison, Patrick Gauthey, photographer Gauthey committed serious RAPE), intentional blocking of important witness lists in severe police violence cases in Monaco (by Bradley Mitton, Vivanova Club), serious sabotaging of noble homages for very ill stroke patients

(by Wendy Lauwers, Multi Arts Events), intentional destruction of important journalists' homes

(by Clarence John), and much more!,...



Corrupt journalist Jean-Marie Fiorucci seriously and constantly defames renowned journalists with impertinent lies in Monaco's newspaper 'Monaco Matin', Fiorucci never met the journalists and knows nothing about them and he never appeared in court

Jean Marie Fiorucci.png

The abuser:

Jean Marie Fiorucci


Julia Burg, former press director of Amber Lounge, now of SBM Monaco, sends defaming e-mails with damaging lies against renowned journalists all over Monaco to intentionally destroy their reputation

Julia Burg E mail 2.jpg

The abuser: Julia Burg

Julia Burg.jpg

Wendy Lauwers (Wendy Lauwers Multi Art Events/Azur Nacre Events) sent defaming and destructive

e-mails and text messages with damaging lies against a renowned journalist all over Monaco to

sabotage the journalist's very noble homage for very ill former Prime Minister of Monaco Mr Michel Roger

wendy lauwers 2.jpg

The abuser: Wendy Lauwers 

Lauwers t_ed.jpg

Fake Lord Eastleigh, real Sylvain Gozes, of Monaco's pseudo Rolls Royce Club 'Royal Rolls Club' defames a renowned journalist all over the internet since June 2017. Honorary Vice president Juan Henri Tamenne supports and repeats Gozes' severe lies about the journalist, as well as Daniel Boquet (Rolls Azur Club), Ronald David (MonaRussia), (David is best friends with Alexandre Pascal (JCI Monaco), who was charged before with attacking women and animals), and others. Several additional defaming articles by Gozes were found all over the internet where all his friends participate, serious charges are pressed. 

Gozes defamation.png

The criminal group of Daniel Gachet (stage name Daniel Jean Marc Daniel), Francois Dubouchet, Boris Berbe,

Pascal Poire, Pascal Ranc, Isabelle Krebs, Kristi Penn, and many more, continuously bully truthful press people

to destroy their reputation and instigate others to do the evil same

Daniel Gachet.jpg
Francois Dubouchet n.jpg
boris berbe.jpg
Pascal Poire ed.jpg
Pascal Ranc.jpg
Kristi Penn n.jpg
Isabelle Krebs.jpg

Maria Bologna of Agence Monaco Presse (AMP) constantly and intentionally destroys all press accreditations of truthful journalists in Monaco and in France. Several journalists approached Bologna for her constant evil wrong doing and Bologna started to gaslight the truthful press people. Serious charges are pressed.

bologna m.jpg

,...and many many more!

Hundreds of incidents so far against investigative and truthful journalists in Monaco

who are severe victims of Monaco's police violence and Monaco's severe government

and justice system corruption

(see videos in Home/Abuse Lists)

Monaco Media gathered all proof!

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