Murder, Rape, Police violence, Abuse, Corruption,... (the articles are in English and in French)

Monaco's very honorable and honest investigating judge Edouard Levrault was fired by the order of

Prince Albert because Levrault started to prosecute dangerous and corrupt entities in the highest positions

in Monaco! Monaco is NO! state of law, and Prince Albert is part of this ongoing horrendous corruption!

Shame on you, Albert! Shame on you!

The honorable judge Edouard Levrault is attacking Monaco now, well done, the revolution can finally begin!

The honorable judge Edouard Levrault will be removed from office by September 1st, 2019

Monaco IS a sunny place for extremely shady people! And Prince Albert is lying AGAIN, now in a

CBS documentary! Monaco is FULL of crooks, pimp prostitutes, con-artists, police violence and corruption!

Albert's own government is severely corrupt including all attached institutions (police, administration, health, justice)! The best friend of the designer Otto Kern who was murdered in Monaco and who knows Monaco for decades, we spoke with him after Kern's sudden death and covered up murder, calls Monaco a rat hole! 

And Prince Albert is lying and lying about his own failure to guide his tiny country properly!

Monaco is a corrupt and dangerous disaster!


CBS, 60min: Video: This report is just another fake image of Monaco, and we all know it!: 

And Prince Albert is lying AGAIN, this time to Anderson Cooper!

France 3: Video: 'Pieces a Conviction': The severe Corruption of Monaco (with Pascal Henry and Robert Eringer)

Prince Albert's severe lies, his reactions to the severe ongoing corruption claims in the

France 3 serie ‘Pieces a conviction’


Prince Albert's severe lies, football leaks

Prince Albert’s severe lies, the IOC Breach

Prince Albert's severe lies, the severe and ongoing corruption of Monaco's justice system

Prince Albert’s severe lies, heavy ongoing money laundering in the principality (until today)

Prince Albert's severe ongoing dictatorship: His citizens are ordered to stay inside and to shut up!

Huawei 5G will be installed all over Monaco: A dangerous tool to spy into Europe in favor of China

Police violence, Freedom of Speech suppression and total destruction of innocent victims


Police violence and justice system corruption

Severe justice system corruption in Monaco: The coroner Edouard Levrault

Severe justice system corruption: Paul Masseron

Severe justice system corruption: A former judge of Monaco tells his story

Severe justice system corruption: A former magistrate denounces Monaco

Smuggling of drugs and weapons, and severe money laundering

Clouds over Monaco’s justice system

Monaco's rigged mayor election 2019

Monaco, the rat hole

The Grimaldi Family destroys Heli Air Monaco in favor of Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi's new Monaco Air

How the Grimaldis enrich themselves

Philippe Narmino charged with corruption


Philippe Narmino’s forced abdication

Philippe Narmino report

Monacogate: Bernard Squarcini


Dmitry Rybolovlev

The murder of Evgeny Panteleymonov

Affair Yves Bouvier

Affair Frank Michel, Lawyer of Yves Bouvier

AS Monaco, 45 Million Deficit

The case Elsa Caselli, the young artist was drugged and raped by Prince Albert

by Robert Eringer

The case Karen Mulder, the model was raped by Prince Albert

The murder of Helene Pastor


The murder of police chief Andre Muhlberger

The Michael Graydon murder, missing organs


The Michael Graydon murder


The Edmond Safra murder

The Otto Kern murder, nobody believes it’s suicide

The Affair Mandel: The Torregrossa murder covered up by the Freemasons

Unaoil Scandal


Affair Philip Green

Abuse Case of Martin Marschner

Affair David Fristedt


Abuse Case of Eric Chauvet

(note of the publisher of Monaco-Media: we experienced extreme insults from this monegasque Eric Chauvet!)


Abuse Case Louis Iaccarini

The Chandler Report

Corrupt Laurent Anselmi, former director of justice, a known Freemason


The forced abdication of former attorney general Jacques Doremieux

Corruption case of Jean-Pierre Dreno, former attorney general

'A state in the State' - the Masonic Counter-Power, by Sophie Coignard



Freemasonry in Monaco

The Cote d'Azur infested with Freemasons

Eric de Montgolfier, former attorney general, speaks about his battle against the Freemasonry in Monaco and France

France, Monaco's accomplice: Highest corruption rate in Europe

The corrupt mayor of Beausoleil, an accomplice of corrupt Monaco: Gerard Spinelli

The corrupt mayor of Beausoleil: Gerard Spinelli: Severe corruption and money laundering

The corrupt mayor of Beausoleil: Gerard Spinelli: The Odeon Tower affair

Prince Albert attacked by his cousin Louis de Caussan

Illegal residence cards for Monaco: The Alexandre Benalla affair (France)

The Alexandre Benalla affair: Emmanuel Macron's security guard Christian Guedon

Fake residencies in Monaco: The Maurice Amon Affair

Monaco's high profile divorces: Severe discrimination of women: The Maurice Amon affair, and others

Fake residence cards: affair Christian Carpinelli

Police Corruption, Pierre Salik, fake residence card Monaco

The Odeon Tower affair:


Corruption of the Polo Club Monte Carlo, director Francesco Mitrano

also Mike Powers Prince Albert’s best friend is known for severe money corruption

Severe Justice System Corruption

Marc Giacone, 6 months prison for a satire article about Prince Albert

The psychological terror of Monaco: Le prisonnier du Rocher

Tax Fraud on Yachts

Real Estate, illegal websites and dubious businesses

Real Estate: Illegal dispossessions of innocent elderly people in Monaco: Investigations

>>> Several elderly people in Monaco without any descendants face illegal dispossessions after Monaco 

declared them with fake psychological and medical statements as too erratic or too ill to continue to live

in their own properties. Completely invented and false accusations are found in several police reports!

The leaders of this evil complot against humanity are: Corrupt Freemason Richard Marangoni (Police Director),

Remy Le Juste (Administration Director of the Police), and Franck Totti (Police Captain). <<<

Business: Illegal dispossessions by Monaco of high scale businesses

>>>Abuse Case Jean-Paul Chollet: see video under Home/News<<<


and many more!,...