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Corrupt Prince Albert of Monaco and his corrupt Freemasons team:

As Robert Eringer pointed out almost fifteen years ago, the biggest rats in Monaco are Thierry Lacoste (personal lawyer to Prince Albert) and Claude Palmero (the Palace accountant), also Philippe Narmino (former Director of Monaco's Judicial Services)


Dossiers du Rocher’s

Frederic Chaumont from Jasper Mader and Didier/Julien Garofalo 

in police custody:





Robert Eringer:



Spy Biz:



Monaco's dangerous Freemasons:




Child Porn Priest of Monaco: Father Bill


Monaco protects Russian Oligarchs:




Robert Eringer, Prince Albert of Monaco's former spy, was betrayed by Albert, when Eringer installed the secret service in Monaco and when he discovered too many uncomfortable happenings in Monaco, including former director of justice Philippe Narmino's serious corruption. Narmino is a childhood friend of Albert, and Albert put Narmino in the highest position in Monaco despite Eringer's warnings, and Eringer was silently thrown out of the picture and all of a sudden not paid anymore. Narmino had to abdicate in 2017 for severe corruption and was charged but since he is Prince Albert's friend he never served time like any other criminal should.


For telling the truth, of course also Eringer was severely defamed and discredited afterwards by Monaco's corrupt government.


When we read his file, we saw many similarities to our cases, and we finally understood that we all became severe victims of an extremely dangerous oligarchy, including this corrupt Prince.

The Eringer files:


Monaco Intelligence and the CIA


Monaco, a sunny place for bad guys


The Eringer Files


Here a few selected Robert Eringer files, to see all please click on the first link above:




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