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Pic: Alexander Sandvoss (left), Evelyn Kilb (right)



The dangerous snitch of Monaco's Mafia, Iranian Immigrant Alexander Sandvoss and his dubious flying monkeys


Article by renowned investigative journalist Anett-Patrice van York,

a severe Monaco Mafia abuse victim, Mrs van York reports (in Quote):

(article and videos by Monaco Media,

all recorded a bit earlier than the written statements)


(Quote start)

'My name is Anett-Patrice van York and I have a dangerous stalker on my back

for almost 6 years now, a dangerous Immigrant from Iran who names himself in Europe Alexander Sandvoss, a dangerous bully and ruthless snitch of Monaco’s extremely dangerous mafia, he works together with his aggressive girlfriend

Evelyn Kilb for his pseudo press websites Mandoga Media and Riviera Seasons, he lives in Weil am Rhein, Germany, and he frequents often Menton, France, and Monaco. He is stalking and defaming me now severely on and offline since 2017, and after I left Monaco in 2020 for Germany he is constantly trying to find out my whereabouts in all kinds of different Federal States in Germany while creating numerous dangerous manhunts against me with the police and with different courts in my own country although I do nothing wrong in my country, my country always protected me abroad, and although I am in regular contact with the German authorities as an investigative journalist. Evil and sick Sandvoss tries to incite my own country against me all the time, a criminal Immigrant from Iran with all his dubious flying monkeys against an honest German citizen who only wants a quiet life in her own country after a severe political persecution by Monaco against me which started in 2017 because I reported the truth about Monaco’s severe police violence, about Monaco’s severe government and justice system corruption and about Monaco’s severe and constant never ending persecution of truthful journalists.


As a dangerous snitch of Monaco’s mafia Sandvoss incites constantly all kinds of dubious people against me to defame me on and offline everywhere with the most dangerous lies out there, and it’s non stop, non stop! His lies get more and more extreme and radical, and more and more dangerous.

Sandvoss' lies become so! dangerous now that even a police officer wrote me to get

my statement regarding dangerous assault weapons that I apparently own, falsely claimed by this psychopath Sandvoss. Sandvoss states now that I apparently own these weapons now to murder him, and he also falsely claims that I am apparently a cyber terrorist, and that I am apparently mentally ill and that I have apparently a caregiver because I am so mentally ill (a typical mafia tactic to falsely declare their victims as insane to convince others that victims cannot be believed while the victims only state the ultimate truth against their attackers) and that I apparently can’t take care of myself anymore. The only one who is mentally ill is this sick Sandvoss with his sick helpers, Sandvoss is a dangerous psychopath,

he is a sick entity and needs to be arrested and deported from my country ASAP and he needs be to put in a closed locked up psychic ward. What Sandvoss does to me is not only an impertinence but severe character assassination and severe defamation.

Criminal Sandvoss and his dubious helpers are despicable low class entities! 


I am against guns, I never owned any, I never wanted to own any, I am a non violent person, and I am one of the most intelligent people out there, especially with my extreme knowledge of having lived 34 years all over the globe, and I have no supervisor or caregiver, I am always responsible for my own entity.

And all of a sudden I am apparently also a cyber criminal only telling the truth! 

Sandvoss is a very very sick man!


All sick lies by this mentally sick psychopath Sandvoss +Co.

It's not only an extreme impertinence what this criminal psychopath Sandvoss does to me all the time with his sick helpers, but it’s getting extremely dangerous.


And what Sandvoss and his flying monkeys are doing to me constantly

is serious unbearable ongoing abuse.

Sandvoss even invades all kinds of online groups where I am a member and defames me there publicly all the time, he destroyed and hacked all accounts of mine, e-mails against me were sent out by Sandvoss +Co so that I lost most of my jobs now,

a defaming article with tons of stupid lies was written about me by Sandvoss/Graeber + Co filled to incite even more weirdos against me,

99,9% of these people I don’t even know. 


Sandvoss tries to hunt me down in all kinds of cities with sick lies

like an obsessed maniac!

Sandvoss started to persecute me in 2017 out of the blue moon when he found out that I got politically persecuted by Monaco after I exposed Monaco’s severe crimes against humanity, he had no reason to go against me, I never did anything to this sick weirdo, I never liked him, I never worked with him, I always kept away from him, because I didn't like his extreme and constant jealousy against me because I had better jobs than him all the time, Sandvoss got never accepted in Monaco while I was climbing up a successful ladder in Monaco in my very well accepted press career.

His constant jealousy was weird and sick, and he always lied about his origins, he showed himself off all the time as a proud German although he is a sick and

mentally disturbed immigrant from Iran.


And his constant persecution against me is more than dangerous,

this sicko belongs behind bars. And I will not rest until he will be finally locked up!

I can’t count anymore how many police reports I had to file against this dangerous criminal Sandvoss and his helpers, in Monaco, Menton and Nice, France, and all over Germany, and numerous court reports were filed by me against Sandvoss and his girlfriend Evelyn Kilb, Sandvoss and Kilb attacked me even already physically in Monaco before, and several police reports and court orders were filed against his incited accomplices Thomas Graeber and Sabrina Wagner from Telis Finanz and Courtehoute, Saarlouis, Germany, and their helpers, and Sandvoss' aggressive lawyer Christian Donle from Preu Bohlig, Berlin, a police and court report was filed against him as well, is a criminal on his own who supports all this dangerous defamation against me, Donle allows even that Sandvoss +Co continue to stalk my 96 year old heart sick father, I told them to STOP! stalking and threatening this very old man

but these low class criminals don't give a damn!

Threatening letters and dubious phone calls occur all the time in my old father's place now, all executed by this criminal Sandvoss clan. 


The German police seems useless, and the courts are constantly manipulated

by Sandvoss’ constant dangerous lies. Almost 6 long years of ongoing defamation and stalking, I have more than enough! Enough is Enough!

I recently filed another lawsuit against this criminal Sandvoss and his accomplices Graeber +Co, to finally stop this endless persecution madness against me, the court had the strict! order to protect my addresses and my classified files with numerous testimonies against Sandvoss +Co from witnesses who need to be protected but Sandvoss/Donle/Gräber +Co manipulated aggressively the court so much with invalid illegal documents and extremely dangerous lies including the dangerous assault weapons lie pretending Sandvoss' life was in danger so that this dumb court then revealed all my private data and all my classified documents against my German constitutional safety rights, and when Sandvoss/Donle/Graeber falsely claimed (again, a typical mafia tactic) that I was mentally ill to declare me as insane

so that the courts won’t believe any of my true statements against this criminal Sandvoss clan, because Sandvoss destroyed most of my jobs I could not afford a lawyer, the court sent then all my classified court documents behind my back to a fraudster who works together with this criminal Donle because Sandvoss falsely claimed with false invalid documents that this fraudster was my caretaker.

They submit constantly invalid documents and declare them as valid with constant dangerous lies to fool all kinds of authorities just to get illegally all my private data 

to try to find out my whereabouts, and to illegally control my lawsuits against them. All unlawful dangerous and extremely aggressive criminal procedures! 

All criminals! 


I moved now for severe safety reasons.

Sandvoss/Donle/Graeber +Co are dangerous criminal manipulators.

They try to destroy my constitutional right to FREEDOM of SPEECH, and they are trying constantly to destroy various media outlets which report about Sandvoss’ ongoing aggressive abuse against innocent victims, Sandvoss +Co are trying also to destroy THEIR rights to FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.


All victims of Sandvoss have all proof against this dangerous Sandvoss clan!

All of the victims' statements are based on proven facts and on serious police and court reports and they are NO defamation statements like Sandvoss falsely claims just because he wants to pull his criminal self out of his self inflicted misery!

(victim blaming is a common ongoing tactic of Monaco's Mafia)

Furthermore all my internet and telephones are hacked by these criminals and

I cannot access most of my data or internet accounts anymore. Most of my jobs were destroyed by Sandvoss, even my important press photography website that I built up for 10 long years was destroyed by Sandvoss in a very evil way with a bunch of his evil helpers, even all my passwords were hacked, who knows what these criminals do out there on and offline with my name and private data now to try to destroy me even more. In court Sandvoss plagiarizes all the time my police and court statements to do victim blaming against me to fool the authorities and to get illegally all my private data. Sandvoss never shows up in court he is always hiding behind his aggressive criminal lawyer Donle who supports his ongoing criminal acts against innocent victims with ongoing criminal procedures, and Sandvoss hides often behind fake phone numbers and addresses all the time. And because of this constant criminal procedures and dangerous data breach I had to move again and again to escape this unbearable madness. It’s unbelievable what I have to live through in my own country where I don’t reside often, for security reasons I am registered nowhere,

I have no safety in my own country anymore, I am out now, sick criminal immigrants rule Germany now. I only wanted to live in peace in my country,

I needed safety, and this sick criminal from Iran goes on and on to destroy my life and the life of my family, only because I spoke the truth years ago about the ongoing police brutality in Monaco and about Monaco's ongoing government and justice system corruption and about Monaco's endless and still ongoing persecution

of truth tellers, of which I am a severe victim.


Since Germany seems to be way to weak and unexperienced with such a dangerous

Mafia matter, I informed now several high international government officials

about this ongoing serious and dangerous issue to protect me from this dangerous and ruthless criminal Sandvoss clan.

Sandvoss and his flying monkeys are extremely dangerous psychopaths!

I also informed now two friends of mine in the United States for my ultimate protection against this dangerous Sandvoss clan, both former military and both former FBI and CIA officers, both standing on the right side of history like us victims, they are hardcore spooks. Sandvoss is under hardcore supervision now.

Sandvoss is a dangerous entity, a dangerous nonmoral pathetic bully, a dangerous ruthless stalker, Sandvoss is a dangerous snitch of Monaco's Mafia,

the most dangerous Mafia on this planet (Russian Mafia, Italian, Arabic, and the French and monegasque dangerous Freemasons who go against all laws and against all human rights).

Sandvoss +Co are trying to forbid me constantly with their criminal procedures

my constitutional right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, they are trying to silence me

so that I don't report about this ongoing severe abuse against me, but I will continue to use my 1st amendment right anytime and in all ways. 

I will continue using my voice to defeat evil, and justice WILL prevail !'

(Quote end)

Sandvoss Clan's dangerous Mafia methods:

Destruction of all finances of their victims, constant destruction of all connections, of all jobs, of all websites, of all accreditations, inciting numerous flying monkeys to go against their innocent victims - Sandvoss is never alone, ongoing severe stalking and defamation, ongoing severe character assassination, on and offline, plagiarizing of the victims' police and court statements to gaslight the victims and to do constant victim blaming against them, inventing of non existing cases against their innocent victims trying to convince the authorities of the guilt of innocent victims with constant criminal and dodgy procedures including using invalid documents, even falsely claiming their victims' insanity to make the authorities believe that the truthful statements of the victims are not credible, also opening of false cases against their victims and conducting their false court cases in the victims' absence to overrule justice, sending court papers to false addresses to claim the legal delivery of court documents to harm the victims, constant disappearance of the victims' court papers, constant hacking of the victims' internet accounts and telephones, and of course corruption, paying off the police and the judges,

and much more:


Read here:

Numerous witness video testimonies against Sandvoss+Co:


The dubious people who frequent Monaco:

Sandvoss' criminal accomplices Thomas Graeber/Wagner:

Numerous police and court reports were filed against Sandvoss+Co:

Watch Anett-Patrice van York's truthful video testimony
(all her statements are based on proven facts)
It is unfortunately a global phenomenon this constant persecution of truthful journalists like Mrs Anett-Patrice van York's

If you know about Sandvoss+Co wherabouts please report them immediately to the authorities, in France, Monaco, Germany, globally,
Sandvoss is often hiding behind fake phone numbers and fake addresses

Here the info we have:


Adresses and Info of Sandvoss und Kilb:


Alexander Sandvoss + Evelyn Kilb

Robert Koch Strasse 12

79576 Weil am Rhein


Tel: +49-179-4902268


Residence Intercontinental

25-27 Avenue de Sospel

06500 Menton


Tel: +33-761852758

Tel: +33-493371585

(video testimony by Mrs van York, video by Monaco Media)
Pic: Alexander Sandvoss (left), Evelyn Kilb (right), and their accomplices
Thomas Graeber and Sabrina Wagner

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Sandvoss, Kilb, Gräber, Wagner.jpg
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